How to Leverage SocialBook Micro-Influencer Marketing Platform to Discover Right Micro-Influencers in Your Niche?

How to Leverage SocialBook Micro-Influencer Marketing Platform to Discover Right Micro-Influencers in Your Niche?

If you’ve been there, you know how hard it is to find the right micro-influencers. But things could turn easier than ever if you have the right micro-influencer marketing platform such as SocialBook to give it a go. Be it about narrowing it down to your niche or choosing micro-influencers in your budget, SocialBook offers it all. And that too at a mere touch of a button!

Let’s help you learn how you could leverage SocialBook micro-influencer marketing software to choose micro-influencers that work best for meeting your influencer marketing goals:

  1. Search Micro-Influencers By Their Names

Already know micro-influencers by their names? Well, then you’re in luck! SocialBook micro-influencer marketing platform offers you the ease of finding those influencers in your mind by their names. You just have to choose the social media platform you’re targeting, put the name of that micro-influencer in the search option, and hit enter to see desired results. Isn’t it convenient?

Our software is designed to tackle real-life challenges that you experience as a brand while searching for your favorite micro-influencers. So give it a go and you’d love to see accurate results!

2. Search Micro-Influencers By Utilizing Filters

SocialBook has state-of-the-art filters to help you narrow down your search to the kind of micro-influencer you want as per your preferences. This feature makes your hunt for the right influencers relatively easier.

You can use the filters to discover micro-influencers in your price range, preferred gender, country of your choice, 60-day engagement rates, and so on. With so many filters to choose from, it gives your micro-influencer search the much-needed right direction to execute search and find micro-influencers that fit your criteria.

3. Search Micro-Influencers By Your Competitors

You cannot keep the competition at bay while searching for micro-influencers. If you’ve no idea where to start, then SocialBook comes as a savior to you by helping you learn from your competition. Just put your competitor’s name in the “Search by Competitors” field and rest leave on us. Within a few seconds, our software would give you an insight into what your competitors have been doing.

For instance, if you’re a ridesharing app, you could put a competitor name similar to your niche such as Uber, and get the search results. You can then use the search insights to make hiring decisions for micro-influencers. Thus, you could leverage SocialBook’s competence to find micro-influencers that have been doing great in your niche by learning from your competition.

4. Access Influencer Profile Reports

Consider SocialBook micro-influencer marketing platform as your friend in getting high ROIs. How? By leveraging its platform to reveal comprehensive influencer profile reports. Utilizing these reports, you could get a fair idea of if the micro-influencer you are considering is worth hiring or not.

These profile reports have all that much-needed performance metrics that you want to look at before making a hiring decision. For instance, you could get to know the micro-influencer's average engagement rate, influence score, cost per 1000 impressions, and various other crucial metrics that help you discover if the influencer is the right fit for your brand or not.

The best part is that these reports are vetted and true to the best possible standards that help you place your money on the right candidate without dicing.

5. Make Upfront Performance Predictions

While you have got a list of a few potential micro-influencers with you, now, you might like to see if they will be able to meet your campaign goals. It's where SocialBook influencer marketing software comes in handy that you could leverage to predict their performance before hiring them. Sounds like a great feature? It is, especially, if you truly love to put your money on the right micro-influencer.

By running a quick performance prediction of micro-influencers on SocialBook software, you could reveal a very good estimate of what the campaign is going to cost you, what results you could expect out of it, and what performance metrics micro-influencers are going to achieve against each metric.

You could utilize this data to showcase it to your top management and present them well to seek their approval for making a hire. Needless to say that you won’t have to wait until the time your campaign gets actually executed to see the outcome of micro-influencers. With SocialBook, you could predict ball-park figures of your campaign outcome in advance that helps you foresee your future performance.

What’s Next?

After you discover the right micro-influencer, what’s next? Well, you’d like to outreach him or her for collaboration. With SocialBook bulk email/IGDM outreach features, you could do that in a pretty easier way than usual.

You can directly message them on Instagram or email them your outreach proposal, whichever you find convenient. The best part is that SocialBook allows you to leverage the platform and make your outreach happen in a jiffy. You can perform all of the outreach activities from your software dashboard and without leaving the platform.

It’s really worth the convenience as you don’t have to juggle between platforms or emails to outreach your preferred micro-influencer. You can do all of the stuff right from your one single window on the SocialBook software that has your previous discussions in the loop for your ease of access.

Thus, leveraging SocialBook’s features, you could get the stuff done with minimal effort and with maximum productivity. It’s the reason most brands that work with us have words of appreciation for us.

The Key Takeaway

Discovering the right micro-influencers for your brand shouldn’t be a tough nut to crack. You just have to have the right micro-influencer marketing platform with you to make it happen with ease. It’s where SocialBook influencer marketing software does wonders for you. By leveraging its top-notch features, you could connect with the most useful micro-influencers out there without lifting your fingers. We make the influencer discovery process as easy as that for you.

If you're ready to give SocialBook software a go, choose an appropriate pricing plan out of the platinum, diamond, and enterprise plan we have to offer you. Visit the plans page to get started.

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