Genshin Impact Summer Festival NYC 2023 - The Miracle Event

Genshin Impact has hosted it’s Summer Festival event for 2023 in New York City, and we were in charge of organizing it, hosting it, and making it happen! The event had about 50,000 people in attendance and lasted 2 days for 11 hours each day!

Genshin Impact Summer Festival NYC 2023 - The Miracle Event

Genshin Impact has hosted it’s Summer Festival event for 2023 in New York City, and we were in charge of organizing it, hosting it, and making it happen! The event had over 50,000 people in attendance, hundred of posts from influencers which garnered in total 20 million impressions on social media! This has made it one of the most popular events in Oculus history! Here is what we learned about hosting such a big event from beginning to end.

Family Jules performing at Genshin Impact Summer Festival 2023

What was it like being there in person?

I’d like to jump into talking about the highlights of the event! It was awesome to see the passion come out for the most popular mobile game in the world Genshin Impact. Fans came from all over to show their support, some of them were even in cosplay! The way the event worked is that fans had to travel to each booth to collect postcards! To collect a postcard, you have to play a game or participate in a Genshin related event. If the fan successfully completes the game, they have a choice of 1 post card or 2! Any player that collects 5 postcards can go to the front desk and redeem them for a special limited edition postcard! This makes it like a great event, but also a scavenger hunt and fun exploration for the fans!

Fans happily getting free gifts merch from the reception desk!

There were many booths for fans to check out! We had a music booth where players had to recognize music from the game. A games booth that had a map game where players had to match up a location on the map with a location in the game, and based on their proximity they got rewarded! At that same booth was also a memory game with tiles and if you had good fortune, you could get a postcard! There was an art station where many fans could draw their Genshin related fan art and post it on the board for a postcard reward! A mobile games booth where players could play on a god mode account for Genshin Impact, with all items and equipment. A drinks booth that had a drinking contest and they were handing out free drinks, sponsored by Chi Forrest! Finally we had the main stage, which included a band performance from Family Jules, as well as a cosplay parade and a multitude of quizzes with prize rewards! Needless to say there was a lot to explore, prizes to win and new experiences to be had!

The crowd enjoying the band performance at the Oculus Center.

We made sure at SocialBook that the celebrity power at the event would also be stellar! We invited talent like Yvonnie, Ariastraya, and Kusa-cosplay, all large Youtubers that are in the space of anime and gaming! We also had an excellent group of cosplayers with extreme style! Not only was the event an adventurous scavenger hunt, but you also got to meet some of your favorite influencers and get autographs signed! At SocialBook we managed top talent in the influencer space and here are some of their post highlights! Have a look and see the event from a different perspective here with all the fun and hype included!


Mistakes were made. I broke this guy’s Demon Slayer cosplay 🤦🏻‍♂️. His sword cracked in half in the filming process but I’ll make sure to make it up for the edit. Filmed at the Genshin Impact Summer Festival. @WholeWheatPete 🍞 #DemonSlayerCosplay #Demonslayeranime #tengenizuicosplay #SummerWithGenshin #GenshinImpact

♬ Naruto's Theme (From "Naruto") - Anime Zing
30 Million Views

Bennett distracting the Hilichurl while his team takes on the boss #genshinimpact #bennett #summerwithgenshin

♬ Original sound - Dadood
1.6 Million Views

genshin impact flew me out to new york for their event!! 🫣 #GenshinImpact #SummerWithGenshin #ad

♬ original sound - yvonnie
A giveaway post that went viral!
An amazing and detailed cosplayer representing Klee!

You need the right location and the right people

For anyone who isn’t a New Yorker, New York City is THE most difficult place to host a major event, especially in gaming and anime. Why do you think there are no conventions in New York aside from the multimillion dollar NY Comic Con? Price to rent the space, permits and city approval needed to lock down a space, scheduling, security clearance, and more! Most major events are held in venues with much more space for much less cost, with much less restrictions and red tape! It’s a miracle to have pulled this event off and gotten all the popularity and impressions on it. We were able to piece together the event in all of its discombobulation and make it happen within less than a month. This taught us that actually anything is possible when you have the right people working on it!

Excited fans smiling at the event!

Professionalism and Passion win in the end!

This was a very challenging event, but in the end professionalism and passion wins! Despite all the roadblocks everyone held their grit and kept on trying because we were so passionate about it. In the end, justice prevailed and we were able to have the event almost at a buzzer beater! Being that the location was at the World Trade Center, made things even more difficult, since security and permits needed to be approved through heavy scrutiny! Despite everything, we pulled it off and the fans rejoiced.

A fan in full cosplay and armor showing off his style!

The energy at the event was cheerful, lighthearted and fun. While it was a lot of work, our convention staff has tremendous experience hosting large scale cons especially related to gaming and anime and this passion kept our energy up. It also resonated with the fans and we were able to see all their smiles and energy too. Our staff were also fans of Genshin, so we were all able to talk with fans about the things we love and share experiences with them. The love that the Genshin fans have for their game is beautiful. Seeing everyone smile and leave the event feeling happy and fulfilled made it all worth it!

The fans excited on line for the front reception desk!

In Conclusion

We love hosting large scale offline and online events! Having such a huge success with Genshin Impact gives us the confidence to continue hosting large scale events for other games, anime and niches! We were able to pull this off in a short time, with within budget, in the most difficult location. It just really shows what we’re capable of. The Genshin Impact fans came out in full force and showed their love for the game. Parents brought their kids, cosplayers showed up, and everyone was polite and respectful of their favorite game. Hosting an event of a large size is a lot of work, and required a lot of logistics and organizing. No matter what road blocks are hit, please realize that it is possible to overcome and make things happen and not to give up! It was a pleasure representing the Genshin Impact brand and doing so in full force to the tune of 50,000+ attendees. We loved the Genshin Impact Summer Festival 2023 and we hope if you attended, you did too!

Happy fans excited to answer and playing the music guessing game!

If you have an in person event you want to plan for the promotion of your upcoming video game or anniversary, please reach out to us at and book a call with us to see if we can make it happen!

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