To better manage influencers, you can update the information of any influencer on his or her profile page. Click the "pen" icon and edit the details of this influencer.

You can edit the following information of each influencer:

  • Real Name: you may want to call influencer with the real name, instead of his channel ID.
  • Email: the best email you found to reach out to this influencer. Once you have edited this email, all the emails you send to this influencer from SocialBook will go to this email address.
  • Mobile Phone Number: sometimes it's faster to get connected with the influencer over the phone.
  • PayPal email: it's safe and fast to pay influencers through PayPal.
  • Address: if you plan to send your product for influencers to show in their posts, ask and record the address of them.
  • Note: for you to take any notes of this influencer, for example, his birthday and promotion preference.
  • Price Range: to record the price rate sent by the influencer.
  • Gender: to mark the gender of the influencer.

Click "Save" to save all the information you've entered.