Optimize Your Links with DeepLink

Optimize Your Links with DeepLink

Create Custom Short Links in Seconds

Simplify your social media marketing with SocialBook's Deep Link. Create custom, branded links to share on your social media channels and drive traffic to your website or blog.

Link shortening and performance tracking

SocialBook's DeepLink tool empowers you to create clean and trackable links that are easier to share on social media or other channels. With DeepLink, you can shorten long links and gain valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns, including metrics like click-through rates, country distribution, and device allocation. These performance metrics help you measure the effectiveness of your links and optimize your marketing strategy for maximum impact.

Maximize user engagement with intelligent routing

With SocialBook's DeepLink tool, you can enhance user engagement by directing users to the most appropriate destination based on their device, location, and browsing context. You can combine your iOS and Android app links into a single, unified link that automatically directs users to the appropriate app store. With DeepLink's intelligent routing, you can provide a seamless user experience that increases engagement, conversions, and brand loyalty across all platforms and devices.

Personalize Your Links with Customizable Branding

With DeepLink, you can build a strong brand identity by customizing your links to reflect your brand or campaign. Our customizable links feature allows you to create links with your own domain name, subdomains, and path parameters, giving you complete control over your brand messaging. This feature also ensures consistency in your branding across all touchpoints, helping to reinforce brand recognition and drive engagement.

Manage Your Video Description Links with Ease

With DeepLink's integration with SocialBook's YouTube Builder, YouTubers can create deeplinks while inputting video descriptions with ease. This feature streamlines the process of creating links, making it easy to optimize video campaigns for maximum impact. With DeepLink's centralized link monitoring feature, YouTubers can monitor all links for each video in one central place, providing valuable insights into link performance and opportunities for optimization.
How to Use DeepLink
1. Install SocialBook YouTube Builder
Install the SocialBook YouTube Builder plugin: Go to the Chrome store and search for "SocialBook YouTube Builder," and install the plugin.
2. Sign up for a SocialBook account
Once you have installed the SocialBook YouTube Builder plugin, sign up for a SocialBook account. With a SocialBook account, you will have access to DeepLink's features and be able to create customized, trackable links for your video campaigns..
3. Generate shortened links with DeepLink
When you upload a video to YouTube inside Creator Studio, and type a link into the video description, a blue line will appear under the link. Click on the blue line to generate a shortened, trackable link for your video campaigns.
4. Monitor link performance
Use DeepLink's advanced analytics feature to monitor the performance of your links directly within YouTube Creator Studio. You can also view all links under the Link Shortener tab. Please note that deeplinks created on the Link Shortener page will not be associated with any specific video.
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