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Upload one photos of yourself here
or your friend, your dog or cat
The better you follow these guidelines, the better chances for great result
Close front face selfies.
Photos of the same person (or dog/cat/anime characters), do not include ANY other people
Remove angeles of your face
JPG, PNG and WEBP formats
Image size >= 512*512px
Group photos of more than one person (or dog/cat)
Always the same facial expression, eye contact and angles
Always the same settings and backgrounds
Wearings sunglasses
Holding things near your face
Naked photos
For anime characters, pics where the character wears or holds things covering the face, such as arms and weapons
Drag or upload your own images
3x portrait photos of your face
2x photos from your chest and up

Create Fantastic Avatar Images From Online Avatar Maker

Design a chic AI avatar for any occasion with SocialBook's AI Avatar Creator in just a few minutes. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, SocialBook's AI Avatar Creator seamlessly converts your personal photo into diverse AI avatar styles on the spot. Dive into the world of instant online AI avatar creation with SocialBook.

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Boost Your Online Profile with AI Avatars

Want to stand out on platforms like YouTube and Instagram? Use SocialBook's AI avatar generator to turn your selfies into personalized avatars. Whether you prefer cartoonish styles or something more realistic, we've got you covered. Update your profile with these unique avatars and stay in tune with the latest social media trends. It's easy and fun with SocialBook's user-friendly tools. Give it a try!

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Level Up Your Gaming Channel with Custom Avatars

Boost your presence on platforms such as Discord and Twitch with a standout gaming avatar. Dive into SocialBook's gaming avatar creator to design a one-of-a-kind virtual representation that truly mirrors your gaming spirit. With this unique AI-enhanced avatar by your side, prepare to navigate the gaming realm and embark on epic journeys. Dive in and game on!

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Showcase Your Brand with an AI Avatar

Capture the heart of your brand or personal essence with SocialBook's AI avatar generator. Consider flaunting a lifelike AI avatar on LinkedIn to present genuine authenticity to prospective clients. Or, employ an AI avatar as your brand emblem, making it a focal point on marketing collateral and promotional campaigns for amplified brand resonance. Craft your distinct avatar from a photo today.

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Dive into Anime with Custom Fan Art!

Our tool isn't just for humans and animals – it excels with anime characters too! Ever fancied seeing Gojo taking a dive in the ocean? Or perhaps you've got another favorite character in mind? Let your imagination soar and create one-of-a-kind fan art scenarios with ease.

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How to Generate Avatar with SocialBook AI Avatar Generator?


Click "Make Avatar Now" button to upload your images. SocialBook Avatar needs 8-15 photos of you to make the avatars.


Then name your avatars and select a gender to generate avatars.


Get the various stylish avatars from photos automatically. This process takes about 15-30 minutes


Preview and download the AI-Generated avatar images.

Other powerful

AI online editing tools

AI Portraits

AI Portraits uses artificial intelligence to reinterpret your images into different styles. Simply upload your photo, and the tool adapts it to various AI-generated art styles, giving you a new take on your original image.

Magic edit

Experience the future of photo manipulation with Magic Edits. Whether you are looking to morph a section of your image into a completely different object, erase unwanted elements, or stretch and adapt components to fit various ratios, our advanced tool has got you covered. Harnessing the power of sophisticated AI algorithms, Magic Edits ensures precision and creativity, redefining the boundaries of traditional image editing.


Step into a whimsical world with Facetoon. This innovative tool seamlessly transforms your human photos into vibrant cartoon renditions, drawing from a vast library of styles. Whether you're seeking nostalgia from classic cartoons or aiming for a contemporary animated look, Facetoon crafts the perfect cartoonish charm for every image.

Text to image

Experience the future of visualization with our Text to Image tool, designed to transform written ideas into captivating visuals. Harnessing advanced algorithms, this tool interprets textual content and crafts bespoke images that resonate with your words. No more sifting through stock photos or hiring designers—just input your text and watch as it metamorphoses into a striking visual narrative.

AI Scribble

Unlock the potential of your simple sketches with AI Scribble. This innovative tool takes the essence of your doodles and breathes life into them, elevating rudimentary drawings into mesmerizing illustrations. Whether you're an artist seeking inspiration or just dabbling in doodling, AI Scribble enhances your creativity, turning the mundane into the extraordinary.


Dive into the vibrant world of anime with Me-taverse. This cutting-edge tool reshapes your photos, converting them into breathtaking anime-inspired artworks. Whether you're a fan of the anime aesthetic or looking to add a twist to your images, Me-taverse is your gateway to a realm of animated beauty.

AI Coloring

Rediscover the magic of color with AI Coloring. This advanced tool takes your black and white sketches and infuses them with vivid hues, transforming monochrome drawings into colorful masterpieces. Whether it's a historic photograph or a new sketch, AI Coloring breathes life into every line and detail with brilliant color accuracy.


Dive into the details with Upscaler. This cutting-edge tool breathes life into your photos by dramatically improving their resolution. Whether you have old photographs that need a touch-up or images that didn't quite capture the clarity you hoped for, Upscaler ensures every picture you have radiates with crystal-clear precision.


"Experience a new dimension of social media with Metagram. Take your standard Instagram posts and elevate them with dynamic animations and captivating visuals. Ideal for influencers, brands, or anyone looking to make a memorable impact, Metagram offers a fresh, animated twist to your feed, ensuring your content stands out in the crowd

Background Remover

Background Remover harnesses the power of advanced artificial intelligence to meticulously detect and erase backgrounds from images. It provides precise editing capabilities, all while being available online and free of charge.

Video Background Remover

Experience the ultimate video enhancement with our Video Background Remover. Eliminate distracting backgrounds effortlessly. Perfect for vlogs, business presentations, and creative projects.

SocialBook AI Avatar Generator FAQs

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