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Create YouTube Thumbnail for Free in Minutes


The base that converts every social media influencer from a nobody to a very significant ‘somebody’ is YouTube. Why? The answer is simple! YouTube is the home of more than 2 billion people from over a 100 countries. Which means that you have the social platform to connect and to reach out to more than 2 billion people from across the world through just a video! With more than 500 hours of videos being uploaded on YouTube every minute, there is a high possibility that among those 500 hours, your video can hold the most phenomenal position! Sounds pretty cool right? But in order to do so, you need to go through some checkpoints to make not only your video the hot topic on the internet, but also your YouTube channel. Who knows, maybe you could be the next PewDiePie!


Since you are already on the road to be a successful YouTube influencer, you would probably know the working algorithm of YouTube. Whenever you are uploading a video on YouTube, you need to consider its different aspects to make your video the trending topic. You cannot just relax and watch your YouTube channel grow, but to actually boost your viewers count, you need to focus on some very important features. Of course YouTube video content and its description are the prime factors in this regard, but one of the most important factors which is often neglected is your video’s thumbnail!

The attention span of a usual YouTube surfer is around 8 seconds. So all you’ve got are just mere 8 seconds to grab the attention of people and make them view your video. We know after reading this fact, the stress must really be getting on your nerves but worry not! We know the key to utilize those 8 seconds and to grab the attention of your audience. It’s through your video’s thumbnail!

The first thing that the eyes of a typical YouTuber travels to is the thumbnail of your video. The visual depiction of the video, the flashy colors and the standout element of your video, all embedded in one thumbnail box are going to be the destination of your viewer’s eyes in the 8 seconds attention span. So while going through the process of maintaining a steady YouTube channel and uploading the videos that have the potential to be viral, you need to create an awesome thumbnail that will make it irresistible for users to click on!

The question now arises, how to make a catchy thumbnail?


You must probably be wondering how to make a catchy thumbnail and what to include in it. Well, again, we have a solution! SocialBook!

SocialBook is the dream answer to all your influencer related problems. Not only does this dynamic website help you in getting into the social diaries of any influencer, whether be on Instagram or YouTube, but it also helps you to become one. If you are aiming to become a successful YouTuber, then the SocialBook thumbnail maker is a must have for you!

You always have the option to hire a graphic designer to plan and design your video’s thumbnail, but we know how stressful it can be for your pocket and for your mind. You would obviously want a thumbnail that perfectly depicts the idea of your video, so to avoid the trouble of getting into the mind of the graphic designer and paying some heavy amount, why don’t you just create your own! It would definitely be according to your style and theme, and it’ll be extremely minimal on your pocket as well! We know this all sounds like a dream, but let’s SocialBook is here to make it a reality!

SocialBook knows how important the layout of a YouTube channel is in order to gain some valuable subscribers. It also knows how much impact the visual outlook of your YouTube channel will have on its audience. So therefore, keeping these tidbits in mind, we have created the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker for you!


SocialBook knows how to make your job easy and relaxing, so besides providing an ideal tool to help you design your video’s thumbnail, SocialBook has also provided a step by step procedure to help you use this extremely user friendly thumbnail maker tool!

By using the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker tool, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your thumbnail picture according to the YouTube standards. The SocialBook Thumbnail Maker adjusts this by default. Following are the YouTube standards that SocialBook strictly follows:

  1. 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels tall.
  2. Minimum thumbnail file dimensions to be 2048 x 1152.
  3. Minimum safe area for images and text to be 1546 x 423 pixels.
  4. Maximum safe area for images and text to be 2560 x 423 pixels.
  5. Maximum thumbnail file size to be 6MB.

The SocialBook Thumbnail Maker has a variety of features and options to choose from to help you make the most appealing and attractive thumbnail that is guaranteed to bring you some masses of viewers on your video.

Let’s discuss all the features in detail!


The most handy and the simplest feature of SocialBook Thumbnail Maker is the snapshot feature.  Most YouTubers prefer to add a picture in the thumbnail of the video which is taken from the video itself. This feature is quite a tricky one if you are trying to access it in Photoshop or other editing softwares, and can consume a lot of your valuable time and energy. Whereas, in SocialBook Thumbnail Maker, you can access this feature from the ‘Capture from Video’ option. When you select the blue tab with the words ‘Capture From Video’ engraved upon them, a window will pop up that will ask for the URL of the YouTube from which you want to take the thumbnail image. You can play and pause the video at any desired point and simply click on ‘Capture’. Just like in the image shown below:

Afterwards, you will that your desired image will automatically appear on your thumbnail canvas, something like below:


Next up, another very helpful feature is the extract feature. We know how complicated it can be to perfectly crop out the picture and paste it on your thumbnail. Fortunately, SocialBook Thumbnail Maker makes this possible to buy just a click! Once you get your desired snapshot on the thumbnail canvas, you will have a small icon on the toolbar that is in the shape of a person. This is the ‘Extract Person’ option. It can easily and neatly crop out the picture of the person in the snapshot and attach it on your thumbnail canvas. Something like shown below:

The example of the perfect extraction of the person is show below:


If you don’t feel like picking a picture from a video, you could always use a creative template to begin with! SocialBook Thumbnail Maker has a variety of templates to choose from, you can even search up the template that suits the niche of your video. From hundreds of amazing colorful templates available on the template feature in the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker, we are sure you’ll find the perfect one for the thumbnail of your video! You will see the template option on the left most toolbar.

After clicking on the feature, a variety of templates would open up like shown below:


Of course, your thumbnail would be incomplete without adding a title and some subtitles. SocialBook Template Maker also makes this possible by using the ‘Text Feature’. You can access this feature from the leftmost toolbar as shown below:

Once you select this option, you will observe that it is accompanied with a variety of sub-options including font type, color and size. You can align the text any way that you want and can also make it prominent by using italic and bold features. It pretty much resembles the Word text toolbar so it is very simple to use, as shown in the image below:


If you want to make your thumbnail image from the scratch, then you might want to use the background feature. This helps you to pick any background of your choice from among hundreds of them. An image depicting this feature is shown below:


If you want to make your thumbnail creative, you can even add up some images in it. The SocialBook Thumbnail Maker enables this as well. You can simply select the ‘Photos’ option from the left most toolbar and choose your favorite photo from among thousands! You can also search for any picture that suits the niche of your video. Once the photo is pasted on the thumbnail canvas, it also has a sub-options toolbar which consists of features like crop and adjustments. Just like shown below:


If you want to add some cool shapes or emojis or any other additional fun element in your thumbnail, then you can choose that from the ‘Element’ feature provided by the SocialBook Template Maker. There are multiple categories with hundreds of special elements and emojis to choose from to add up on your thumbnail. You can also search any desired one from the search option. The depiction of this feature is shown below:


If you are not satisfied by the image collection available on the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker, then worry not! SocialBook Thumbnail Feature also enables you to upload any image of your choice and use it on your thumbnail canvas. You can upload any photo or any other template of your choice. The option is shown below:


The filter feature helps you to choose any filter of your choice to add some details and special effects to your in-design thumbnail. The SocialBook Thumbnail Maker also enables its user to access this feature and choose from a variety of different filters. It can be accessed as shown below:


The SocialBook Thumbnail Maker also has an adjustment feature to add some final finishing touches to your thumbnail. This option opens up a toolbar on which you can see multiple options like brightness, saturation and many others. You can access it as follows:


This feature helps you to add some animation touches to your desired thumbnail. Instead of using multiple tricky animation softwares, SocialBook Thumbnail Maker makes it possible by just one click. All you have to do is to select the feature and your thumbnail will get automatically cartooned, as shown below:


If you want to add some invisibility effects on your thumbnail, then you can use the transparency feature provided by SocialBook Thumbnail Maker. The use of this feature is shown as follows:


The position feature provided by SocialBook Thumbnail Maker, helps you to position your thumbnail. There are a variety of position options that you could choose from, as shown below:


The flip option provided by SocialBook Thumbnail Feature assists you to flip your thumbnail to any desired portrait you want. It can be accessed as shown below:


Now that we have gone through all the features which the extremely versatile and useful thumbnail maker tool, SocialBook Thumbnail Maker provides, let’s go through the complete step by step process that you need to conduct to create the perfect thumbnail for your YouTube video.

  1. STEP # 1:

The first and foremost step is to open up the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker and start designing your thumbnail. When you will open this SocialBook Thumbnail Maker tool, you would already have an idea in your mind about the type of thumbnail that you want for your video.

  1. STEP # 2:

The second step is designing. You can design the thumbnail of your dreams by making use of all the features listed above of the SocialBook Thumbnail Maker.

  1. STEP 3 :

The third and final step is downloading. Once you have designed your thumbnail and have made all the necessary adjustments and edits, you can proceed to the final step of downloading the thumbnail you created. You can do this by clicking on the following feature:

We hope this step by step process and tutorial guide proved to be helpful and geared you up to create some amazing thumbnails for your YouTube videos and begin your career as a YouTube influencer!