Top 100 YouTubers From United Kingdom
Top 100 YouTubers From United Kingdom

1. NoCopyrightSound: 25.5 Million Subscribers

NoCopyrightSounds (shortened as NCS), is a record label registered in Britain, established by Billy Woodford in the year 2011. He was born in Manchester, UK. NCS is an organization established to release Electronic Dance music (EDM) with a royalty-free license, allowing content creators to use their music in their contents freely.
The NCS main objective is to publish electronic dance music style and other alternative music ideas. From 2011 to 2013, NCS releases more than 200 music but were later removed as a result of copyright issues which were fixed by the organization.
Billy Woodford, who founded NoCopyrightSounds does have a single channel of himself from where he uploads typically test videos.

2. DanTDM: 22.7 Million Subscribers

Daniel Robert Middleton also is known as DanTDM online is a professional gamer, British YouTuber, and author. He was born on November 8, 1991, in Aldershot, England. His parents had two children before they parted ways when their kids were still young. Daniel was the elder of the two children of his parents. He spent lots of his childhood time in playing games which he never thought as a child could pay off big in the future. He has won himself awards on Kid’s Choice Awards and had also set Guinness World Records in gaming presentation.
He has a studio in his home in Wellingborough where he produces all his videos. As a result of his hard work, he has well over 20 million subscribers as his fans.

3. KSI: 21.1 Million Subscribers

His name is Olajide William Olatunji Jr., born on June 19, 1993, in Watford, England, popularly known as KSIOlajideBT or KSI. He is a musician, YouTube and Internet celebrity, comedian and video game commentator. His younger brother is Deji who is also a producer of the same thing on YouTube. Olatunji is popularly known for his tastelessly indecent, and humor life. He has also become popular in his music as he released his debut in 2016 titled “Keep Up.” He started his YouTube channel in August 2018 and has reached four billion views with 19 thousand subscribers.He is a co-founder of Ultimate Sidemen gaming YouTuber group which was formed on October 19, 2013, alongside other YouTubers some of who are Josh Bradley, Simon Minter, Ethan Payne, Tobi Brown, Vikram Barn and Harold “Harry” Lewis who joined them in 2014.

4. Mister Max: 17.3 Million Subscribers

Mister Max was born in Russia on February 3, 2011, and well known as a celebrity. Mister is six years old as of 2014. Aquarius is the birth sign of Max. Max started his Mister Max YouTube channel together with his father as at the time he was three years old in September 2014. His YouTube channel has over 13 million subscribers and well over 7 billion views and still growing.In February 2016 he was able to make the list of Top 50 YouTube most viewed channels Worldwide as compiled by Tubefilter. His younger sister also features in some of his videos.In 2016, the Top 50 YouTube most viewed channels also featured both Max and YouTuber PewDiePie in the worldwide list.

5. Miss Katy: 17.3 Million Subscribers

Miss Katy is Russian. She was born and raised in Russia. Her only brother, Max, also usually featured on her channel.She is a YouTube vlogger widely known and identified as Miss Katy’s channel content. She became popular through her toy review for an impressive display of toys. She started her YouTube channel on November 17, 2014; she was one year old at a time she began. Since her YouTube channel began, she has gathered more over 13 million who subscribes to her YouTube channel. One of her popular videos has gotten her over 39 million views.

6. Ali – A: 16.6 Million Subscribers

Alastair Aiken, known online as Ali-A, born on November 6, 1993, in London, England, he operates two YouTube channels known as Ali-A and More Ali-A respectively. Alastair Aiken has a brother named Simon, but his parent's identity were kept from the public. He said in his vlogs that he was a bully while in high school, but he never mentioned the name of the school till now.Alastair owns a quite number of gaming such as Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStations 3 and 4, and Alienware PC. He has a portal online where he sells personalized products like Ali-A branded caps, Tshirts, backpacks, caps and many more. YouTube channel of Alastair was created in but waited till 2009 before he uploaded videos. In 2013, he had 1 million subscribers and 8 million subscribers by 2016.

7. Coldplay Official: 16.5 Million Subscribers

Coldplay is an alternative British rock band created in 1997, London, United Kingdom. The band was made up of Chris Martin pianist and vocalist, Johnny Buckland lead guitarist; both met at Ramsay Hall (halls of residence) in September 1996 at University College London, Will Champion drummer and Guy Berryman bassist.In 2000, Coldplay bad released their first debut album, Parachutes. The album record a commercial success as it reached No. 1 on the album chart of the U.K. and made it to the top half of the Billboard 200 in the U.S. with his like “Trouble, Yellow and Don’t Panic.” Eventually, the album got certified seven times platinum. At the 2001 Brit Awards, Coldplay received an award for the Best British Album and also won the Grammy Award for the alternative best music album.

8. Toys and little Gaby: 15.6 Million Subscribers

The brain behind the channel of Toys and Little Gaby is Gabriella, together with Alex, her five-year-old brother, with three billion views and over 11 million subscribers. Toys and Little Gaby was set up three years ago by their 28 years old mum, Sabine, the channel is established for kid’s challenges, pretend play for kids, playing with kid’s toys and other activities.Toys and Little Gaby is a well-known YouTube channel for kids that mainly feature a young girl named Gabriella from the United Kingdom. Her content is based on her doing opening surprise eggs, bubbles, balloons, toy review, and any other funny stuff she can think of. Sometimes, Alex, her brother, who also owns the separate channel, do features in her videos.She posted new videos twice or thrice a week.

9. Britain’s Got Talent: 14.9 Million Subscribers

Britain’s Got Talent (usually shortened to BGT) is a British talent show competition broadcast, a division of the global Got Talent franchise developed by Simon Cowell. Presented by Declan Donnelly and Anthony McPartlin (informally known as Ant & Dec), produced by Syco Entertainment and Thames (formerly Talkback Thames).The show began in 2007 with Dec & Ant hosting and Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, and Piers Morgan as judges.The show audition takes place every year for contestants with no limitation of age to showcase whatever talent they wish, auditionees trying to convince the panel of judges to get a place in the live episode.On the average, the draws view got 9.9 million viewers, while the final show record 17.3 million viewers, which amount to 64.6% of audience share during the broadcast.

10. Masha and The Bear: 14.2 Million Subscribers

Masha and the Bear is a children's tv series produced by Universal Kids. The show is the story of a little girl Masha and the bear, who is her friend. The total view of Masha and The Bear YouTube channel has reached 6 billion by the end of 2020 April.

11. Dua Lipa: 13.2 Million Subscribers

Dua Lipa is an English singer, songwriter and model. In 2017, Dua Lipa released her debut album with Warner Music Group. She is the most streamed woman of 2017. The YouTube channel of Dua Lipa covers her official music videos, livestreams, and some reaction videos to her music video from other YouTubers.

12. Queen Official: 11.9 Million Subscribers

Queen is a legendary British rock band formed in 1970. You must have listened the song "We Will Rock You" by Queens. They won 4 BRIT Awards and 4 Ivor Novello Awards. Queen's official YouTube channel now has about 12 million subscribers and over 6.5 billion video views.

13. F2Freestylers - Ultimate Soccer Skills Channel: 11.8 Million Subscribers

The F2Freestylers were created by Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove. Their YouTube channel was created on June 29, 2010, known as F2Freestylers. In 2016, the channel had an average view of 2 million per video posted and 4 million subscribers. As at October 2018, their YouTube channel has 9.5 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views They have collaborated with some professional footballers and well-known entertainers, like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Steve Aoki, Wayne Rooney, have appeared in Training Days of Jack Whitehall.Billy Wingrove was born on December 17, 1982, a former professional footballer and a freestyle footballer. He is very popular for the freestyle football on YouTube channel which he runs with his friend and fellow freestyle footballer Jeremy Lynch as F2Freestylers, with over 100 million followers on all the social media platforms.Jeremy Lynch is a world known freestyler. Inspiration on freestyle football believed to have come in early 2000 after watching a Nike commercial. After that, Lynch began to do tricks, and this had made him go round the world. He got his major exposure in 2008 on Britain’s Got Talent. Lynch also mingled with some big footballing personalities such as Nani, Robinho, and Ronaldo, and has also worked with some world best players like Robin Van Persie, Ronaldinho, and Wayne Rooney.

14. Zoella (Zoe Sugg): 11.4 Million Subscribers

Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, is a top YouTube, vlogger and author in UK. She started her YouTube channel Zoella in 2009, focusing on fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics from her blog career. In 2014, Zoe published her debut novel, Girl Online, which became the fastest selling book of the year. Then her second novel, Girl Online: On Tour, was released in 2015. Zoe launched her own beauty brand Zoella Beauty in 2014, and Zoella Lifestyle in 2016. Her YouTube channel has over 11.4 million subscribers as of April 2020.

15. Morgz: 11.2 Million Subscribers

Morgan Hudson is a famous YouTube personality. He is a prankster, known for gaming, video commentary, challenges, and vlogger. He is known for his unique way of doing things, especially among other his fellow YouTubers. Born on 6 August, 2001, his struggle as a YouTuber and vlogger has earned massive success out of it.Jill Hudson, his mother, contributed heavily to Morgz’s channel, she usually takes part in many of his videos to play a prank victim or as a guest. Kiera Bridget, Morgz’s girlfriend and Caitlin, ex-girlfriend both featured in few of his videos, but Kiera appeared more in the videos.The most popular vlog of Morgz was “I kept this a secret all my life”…(Webbed Toes) which has more than 7 million views and top his famous video list for a while.

16. Tiana: 11.2 Million Subscribers

Tiana Wilson (known online as Toys AndMe) joined YouTube on April 5, 2015. She is from England. She started with an introduction video and followed by “Shopkins Small Mart SHOPKINS.” After that, she has made lots of toy-related interesting videos. She became popular for her games and toy-related videos she posts on her channel, most of which are extremely entertaining.She also has a secondary channel titled Tiana which was launched on November 24, 2017, by her father. The channel has fun content, which includes challenges and pranks and personal vlogs. The videos on the channel are just too good for the kids of all age groups to participate in gaming activities and make them grow mentally. With the help of social media, Toys AndMe has gained more than 9.4 million subscribers and well over 2.1 billion views to date. Presently, her secondary channel is very popular, with over 670 million views and over 3.3 million subscribers.

17. Emily Tube: 10.7 Million Subscribers

Emily Tube was born in England on October 18, 2003; one of the best-known celebrity. She is very active on popular among other YouTubers from the United Kingdom and around the world. Her birth sign is Libra.Emily Tube is the star of the kid's education channel, which includes videos having toys and fun actions. The channel has rapidly grown to about 9 million subscribers.In November 2014, Emily Tube channel was created, and the channel exceeded 1 billion views in November 2016.Tube’s sister is a fellow YouTuber with creative Celeste. Emily Tube and CollinTV both participated actively on kids friendly YouTube channels.

18. BCC Trolling: 10.5 Million Subscribers

Charlie Ley is the owner of BCC Trolling which is shortened from BestCodComedy is a channel devoted to Fortnite clips. He started his YouTube channel on May 12, 2011, and immediately uploaded his first video titled “Don’t Knife My Sentry Gun!.” On his YouTube channel, he has over 10 million subscribers.Charlie Ley was born on April 1, 1995, in Essex, England at his parents’ residence. BCC Trolling is acquainted with Kwebbelkop.BCC has made several hundreds of videos having short clips, and this has made him gain much exposure from it. He later started doing trolling videos himself having angry kids.The astrological sign of BCC is Aries.

19. TheSyndicateProject: 9.8 Million Subscribers

Thomas Cassell, a British YouTuber, vlogger, and gaming commentator, he is better known online as TheSyndicateProject. He was born on June 23, 1993. He also owned a clothing line, named SyndicateOriginal. It was once closed but later re-opened and is being run as a family store in the US and UK. He is known for gaming related.His YouTube channel was opened on September 3, 2010, and quickly grew to become one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, with about 10 million subscribers.The channel was built on Modern Warfare 2 and Halo videos but gained popularity when the Call Of Duty was released.

20. colinfurze: 9.8 Million Subscribers

Colin Furze was born on October 14, 1979, in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England, a personality on YouTube, inventor, stuntman, and a filmmaker. Furze became a plumber immediately he left school; he was in that trade until he joined Sky1 program Gadget Geeks. Furze uses his engineering and plumbing experience to develop lots of unconventional contraptions, which include a jet-powered motorcycle, a hoverbike, a wall of death, the world’s fastest mobile scooter, dodgem, and pram.On March 13, 2010, lots of Furze’s gadgets were publicized on YouTube, a video of his converted scooter was uploaded.In November 2015, an underground bomb shelter was constructed by Furze under his garden; this was part of Sky1 request to push the series You, Me and the Apocalypse.In 2016, Furze used two paramotors to create a "hoverbike."As of March 8, 2019, his YouTube channel already had over 9 million subscribers.

21. Jessie J: 9.2 Million Subscribers

Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter, who started musical career since 2005. Her first album Who You Are ranked 2nd at peak on the UK album chart in 2011. One of her most famous songs is "Price Tag." Her official YouTube channel has over 9.2 million subscribers by 2020 first quarter.

22. Awakening Records: 9.2 Million Subscribers

Awakening Records, a media production based in the UK, owned and operated by Awakening Worldwide. Awakening records began operation in 2003, and it has grown to become the world’s leading faith encouraged, value-driven and award-winning music record label.Awakening Records was founded by four people, Bara Kherigi, Wassim Malak, Sharif Banna, and Wali-ur Rahman with artists from awakening such as Mesut Kurtis, Hamza Namira, Maher Zain and Raef. At awakening records, we discover exceptional talented artists, nurture, and invest in them to success point. The artistic careers of Sami Yusuf and Maher Zain, the two artists are the world’s most recognizable Muslim music singer has been launched and managed by Awakening Records. As of today, Awakening Music has more than 56 million fans across the platform of its social media and has gotten 6.8 billion views on YouTube channel.Deventi Group take-on majority of stakes in Awakening Music in 2018.

23. BBC: 8.5 Million Subscribers

The British Broadcasting Corporation (abbreviated to BBC), a public service broadcaster of the British with its headquarters at the Broadcasting House, located in Westminster, London, and is believed to the world biggest and oldest national broadcasting organization, and also the world largest broadcaster with the highest number of employees. It employed over 20,950 total staff, out of which 16,672 are in public sector broadcasting. When the part-time, fixed contract and flexible staff are included the total number of employees would be 35,402.
The broadcasting house is established under a Royal Charter and work under its Agreement as stated by the Secretary of State for Digital, Media, Culture, and Sport. It is funded majorly by television license fee which is usually charged annually to all households, organization, and companies in Britain who uses any equipment to record or receive live television broadcast.Since its inception, from beginning to the end of the Second World War, its broadcast contributed to nation’s unity up to the 21st century, in the British culture, BBC has played a major role.

24. The X Factor UK: 8.4 Million Subscribers

The X Factor UK is a music competition created by British reality television to select new singing talent. The contestants are gathered from public auditions. The show was created by Simon Cowell, and it began in 2004 and has been aired from August/September until December annually.The master judging panel includes Sharon Osbourne, Cowell, and Louis Walsh. Paula Abdul joined the show in 2005 as a guest judge while Osbourne was away, in 2006, he then joined the panel for a full audition for three sets. The show is divided into different stages, going with the contestants from auditions to the final. The contestants will sing in different stages of the show.

25. Sidemen: 7.8 Million Subscribers

The Sidemen (formally known as the Ultimate Sidemen), started on 19 October 2013, a British YouTube group who have become famous throughout in the past 6 years. They played video games together, and are all good to each other as friends, and have also created a good brand name for their group. The name is an errorneous mental representation to those who are "behind the scenes" in the group and are more or less not notice or reckon with compared to the people at the centre. Initially, Tobi was a "sideman" to Josh, and Simon was a "sideman" to JJ.They started playing and recording GTA together, and Vikkstar123 was invited. They have another second channel named MoreSidemen, where compilations of videos are being uploaded, behind the scenes, and videos weekly below the title of “More Sidemen Saturday or “Sidemen Saturday.”Beginning from 2018, they began to upload videos weekly to their group channel under the title of "Sidemen Sunday." The group’s channel has over 4 million subscribers, with over 500 million views.

26. DisneyJuniorUK: 7.6 Million Subscribers

Disney Junior UK is the YouTube channel that houses Disney’s television program. It is a subsidiary of Disney Television, USA. It is the channel where music videos, kid’s favorite shows, exclusive videos, and full episodes are available for kids to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Its content on the channel is designed for kid’s challenges, brainstorm, sharing ideas for kids, playing with kid’s toys, and other activities.DisneyJuniorUK is a well-known YouTube channel for kids. Other popular titles on the channel include “Goldie & Bear” a fairytale series. DisneyJuniorUK YouTube Channel has grown bigger to have a subscriber base of over 5 million and a view of over 6 billion to date.

27. Cartoon for Kids (Mister Bean Number One Fan in HD - Full Episodes): 7.5 Million Subscribers

Mr. Bean: The animated series (popularlycolleaguesas Mr. Bean), is a British animated situation comedy produced by Tiger Aspect Production together with Richard Purdum Productions, Sunwoo Entertainment and Varga Holdings for its beginning three seasons ever).  As a result of 1990-95 British live-action television situation comedy created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, the serial publication centres on Mr. Bean (latter voice used), Irma Gobb, Teddy and the Reliant Regal’s obscure nature driver with inclusion of new characters like Bean’s landlady, Mrs. Wicket and her Scrapper the evil cat. In February 2001, the serial production was announced officially with its first performance shortly later on.In 2014, CITV announced a revitalization of the series with Rowan Atkinson providing voice as Mr. Bean. The revitalization has recorded success with new 78 new episodes, and the episode began airing in February 2015. The YouTube channel has renamed to Cartoon for Kids.

28. Slogoman: 7.4 Million Subscribers

Joshua Robert Temple was born in England, the United Kingdom on May 16, 1997, known online as slogoman, is a British YouTube personality widely known for making gameplay videos, extremely good with GTA 5. He grew up in Farnham, Surrey and attended Weydon Secondary School. Josh registered on YouTube on August 4, 2013. His channel focuses on GTA 5; he does online mod showcases, funny moments, DLC, and races videos. Josh registered on YouTube on August 4, 2013. He began his channel by uploading GTA 5 games After Josh gained popularity; he began to make videos alongside Kwebbelkop and Jelly. He also posts real-life videos, some of which Q&As and challenges. Slogoman currently has over 2 billion views and over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

29. BBC News: 7.4 Million Subscribers

BBC News is a business division of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) handling the broadcasting of current affairs and news. The department seems to be the largest news broadcast organisation around the world as it generates around 120 hours of television and radio output each day. The service has over 250 correspondents and 50 foreign news bureau around the world. Fan Unsworth assumed the office of Director of Current Affairs and News since January 2018.The annual budget of the department is more than £350 million, with a staff capacity of 3,500 staff, of which 2,000 are journalists. BBC News’s domestic, online, and global news division is within the live newsroom, which is the largest in Europe.

30. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon: 7.2 Million Subscribers

Lewis Brindley, a popular British Gamer, he founded YOGSCAST Lewis YouTube channel alongside Simon. It is a video game publisher and media production company based in Bristol. Lewis often uploads various contents on the channel such as Minecraft adventure and mini-games together with his partner Simon Lane. He started his career as a freelance science journalist and technologist scientist, his geared his passion for gaming, computing, video, and audio editing. That is why he shared extremely informative content associated to his areas of interest on his YouTube channel.He cooperated with other YouTubers and assisted them to share uploaded content. As of today, Brindley had huge internet followers. His joint YouTube channel YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon have over 7 million subscribers and billions of views; this made Lewis and Simon become popular on the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

31. Caspar: 7.2 Million Subscribers

Caspar Richard Lee was born on April 24, 1994. He is a British-South African YouTube personality, actor, vkogger and entrepreneur. Caspar Lee was raised in South Africa but reside in London; he entertains millions with his uncommon brand of comedy in an uncontrollable self-produced video. He has a passion for acting, in addition to his scriptwriting talent.He started his YouTube career in November 2011, since then Caspar has continued to do lots of things like a radio talk show, stand-up comedy, and celebrity interviews. He lived with a fellow YouTuber named Joe Sugg in London between 20014-2016. He has a daughter named Emma Lee and a sister called Theodora.He repeatedly got angry when his name is misspelled (Casper instead of Caspar), especially on social media. It also happened in a Spud 3: Learning to Fly movie poster, his name was also misspelled as Casper Lee.In the UK version of Wonder Park (2019), Caspar provided the voice for Cooper.Taurus is the birth sign of Caspar.

32. Sing King Karaoke: 7.2 Million Subscribers

Natalie – Sing King Karaoke. She was born on November 3, 1992, in Croydon, England. She has various version of Karaoke hit of some artists which include but not limited to Adele, Charlie, Sia, and Puth. Natalie posts Karaoke videos daily, and she oversees the activities on the channel. Sing King Karaoke is a YouTube channel committed to bringing you free and the best karaoke content daily from both old and new, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best versions of instrumental of the greatest hits in every genre.She also owns a blog named “What If I had a Music Blog.” The channel was registered and as at today has 2.7 billion views and with over 5 million subscribers.

33. Top Gear: 7.1 Million Subscribers

Top Gear is a British Motoring TV show which started airing in October 2002. The series is actually a modified version of the 1977 Top Gear Show. The series gained immense popularity due to its 3 jolly hosts; Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May. The series is quite different from any other motoring TV show since it not only showcases and reviews cars, but also arranges challenging quests and laps for the proposed car. Another segment due to which the show has the limelight is the celebrity racing timed laps in which different celebs came to the show and recorded their best lap. The show also featured an anonymous racecar driver ‘The Stig’. The entertaining episodes and the stimulating car experiences are the reasons why the show has made it to 28 series till date.

However, the show lost its original charm when its former elderly hosts stepped back from the show in 2015, after Jeremy Clarkson was dismissed from the series due to violent physical and abusive behavior. But as they ‘the show must go on’, the hosts were replaced by a variety of different celebs including Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc, but the show had lost its unique flair.

Jeremy Clarkson was the producer of the show and earned $20 million annually from the Top Gear. A YouTube channel for the show was created in 2006 which holds clips from all the episodes, some behind the scenes, special races and some tips on your favorite car. Today, the channel has a total of 7.1 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views.

34. BBC RADIO 1: 6.7 Million Subscribers

BBC Radio 1 is Britain’s top radio station and the most adored one among the public due to their faultless selection of music for all age groups. Radio1 provides its audience different genres of songs including hip-hop, jazz, dance, rock etc. The music selection entirely depends on the cheerful, engaging hosts of Radio 1 station who take over in charge of the station during different intervals of the day. BBC Radio1 started its 24 hour broadcasting on 1st May, 1991, aiming to provide 24/7 entertainment to their audience. After conducting detailed surveys, Radio 1 specified its audience in the age group of 15-29. Famous celebs, including Chris Evans, have also hosted certain segments of the routine shows. The highest net worth earned by any host on BBC Radio 1 station belongs to Nick Grimshaw whose net worth sums up to $2 million. The YouTube channel for BBC Radio1 was created back in 2006 and currently has 6.7 million subscribers and 2.7 billion views on their videos. The most viewed video on their channel is the Miley Cyrus’s cover of Lana Del Ray’s song ‘Summertime Sadness’ which has 35 million views.

35. UKF Dubstep: 6.4 Million Subscribers

Luke Hood and AEI Group founded UKF; a record label concentrates on promoting electronic music. UKF Music was developed by Luke Hood, who started sharing bass music by his two master YouTube Channels, UKF Dubstep, and UKF Drum & Bass, in 2009. The UKF brand has grown to become five YouTube Channels: UKF Dubstep, UKF Music, UKF Live, UKF Drum & Bass, and UKF Mixes. The United Kingdom and Frome are what UKF stands for, as Frome is Luke Hood’s hometown.Today, UKF has expanded its operations beyond YouTube Channels to making podcasts, compilation series, organizing events, ticketing platform, and offering merchandise.About half of the UKF brand ownership had been sold to AEI Media, and Luke planned to make use of YouTube’s live streaming to disseminate their program and events throughout North America and Europe.UKF and Luke Hood had featured in many music magazines and news on the entrepreneurial platform.

36. MessYourself: 6.3 Million Subscribers

Brandon Temasfieldt was born in England on May 5, 1995, he is known online MessYourself, a British YouTube personality who post videos full of funny moments. Most of the videos posted by Brandon are game related and some vlogs occasionally. His fans favorite videos include the GTA 69 series, the Watch Dogs series, and the Sims 420 series. He is well known for his utmost responses and over the top editing.He is a YouTube sensation with more than 5 million subscribers to his channel. His videos feature comedic moments told through the perspective of well-known video games. Some of his video games he featured in his video include Far Cry, Infamous Second Son, and Grand Theft Auto. He attended Uxbridge College and studied mathematics but later resolved to become internet personality.  He began to popular after a fellow YouTuber star Felix Kjellberg granted MessYourself in his competition called a shout out.

37. Davie504: 6.3 Million Subscribers

David Biale is an Italian YouTuber who masters in bass guitar. He started off his YouTube career as a young shy Italian but boosted up his confidence as he reached new subscriber milestones. He started playing bass guitar back in 2008 but founded his channel in 2011. Currently, David has 6.3 million subscribers and 920.0 million views on his videos in total. Unlike most YouTubers, David didn’t reveal his voice or personality to his followers in the beginning, however, he did a tiny reveal, like his voice and his girlfriend, upon attaining a million subscriber milestone. David soon noticed that as he became more open to his fans, his subscriber count grew. To amuse his fans other than his insane guitar skills, he started a meme series titled as SDAIAY (Some Days Ago I Asked You) inspired by PewDiePie.

The shy guitarist who started his channel as a hobby, currently has his net worth amounting up to $5.5 million. David’s major source of income is, of course, his YouTube channel. SocialBook dives a little deeper into the guitarist’s  channel and answers all your questions.

38. TomSka: 6.3 Million Subscribers

Thomas James Ridgewell was born on June 27, 1990; he is popularly known online as TomSka. He is a British YouTube actor, writer, director, producer, filmmaker, voice actor, celebrity, and also founded the Turbo punch Limited, a media production company. He is well-known for animated comedy on web film series and movie and Crash Zoom, and Eddsworld webtoons.Ridgewell began his life as a child making short films with his parent’s video camera. It was not too long after YouTube channel was established, Ridgewell produced CakeBomb, a website where his videos creations were posted, alongside his animated video series asdfmovie. Ridgewell attended the University of Lincoln and studied Media Production, and while studying, he created unofficial series of advertisement for the university which received millions of views.As of January 2019, he has over 5.6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and his videos have earned more than 1.3 billion views.

39. ICC: 6.3 Million Subscribers

This one is for the cricket lovers! The world organizing body of cricket, ICC, was founded back in 1909 and was formerly known as Imperial Cricket Conference which consisted of only 2 countries; England, Australia and South Africa. Soon after in 1989, the cricket club got entitled as International Cricket Council which currently has 104 countries as their members. ICC is responsible for arranging and organizing all world championships, including men, women and under 19. ICC also sets the foundation of international cricket standards which are to be followed by all its members. It also appoints empires and coordinates one day championships and T-20 tournaments between its members. ICC also has record charts mentioning players who have certified achievements in the cricket world, like the fastest century and the fastest baller etc. ICC also provides its fans worldwide rankings of countries and players in different categories. The current chairperson of  ICC is Manu Sawhney.

ICC joined the YouTube realm  in 2012 and till present day, their channel has more than 6.3 million subscribers and up to 1.6 billion views on their videos. The net worth of ICC sums up to $53.1 million.

40. Gorillaz: 6.2 Million Subscribers

Gorillaz is a virtual British band formed in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie  Hewlett. Since the band is a virtual band so it consists of 4 animated characters depicting their fictional universe. Albarn is the only permanent music icon of the band and often collabs with other artists to generate dynamic content. The band has produced  record breaking songs in genres of hip hop and electronic music and the theme of their music is ‘post-modern’. The band gained worldwide fame after its debut album in 2001 and even got entitled in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most successful band in history. Many of the songs of the band are recognized as UK’s record burning songs and have been mentioned several times in the UK Platinum lists. The band has altogether sold over 20 million records and flawlessly bagged 10 awards, including Grammys and Brit Awards.

The net worth of this iconic virtual band sums up to $50 million. Gorillaz took over the YouTube kingdom in 2005 and currently has around 6.2 million subscribers and 2.3 billion views on their videos in total.

41. PlayToys: 6.1 Million Subscribers

PlayToys is a friendly and great YouTube channel for kids with various toys, dolls featuring videos with an American girl, Gotz, Generation Dolls, Baby doll Nenuco, Baby Annabelle, Baby Alive, baby Born, lots more. The YouTube channel was created on February 19, 2015.Since its inception, Playtoys has become a leading kid YouTube channel and has been supplying children with high quality educational content and kid-friendly entertainment. Within a short span in a fast-moving world, Play Toys raise children’s ability to play with dolls and toys in a progressive and sustainable world around us.As of today, the YouTube channel has grown its subscriber’s base to 5.8 million and total views of about 2.4 billion.

42. Vikkstar: 5.8 Million Subscribers

Vikram Singh Bam was born on August 2, 1995, he is known as Vikkstar123 online, a British YouTuber who creates content originally from Sheffield. He belongs to a friend group called ‘Sidemen’ whom he presently with and is popularly known as Minecraft YouTube industry and in the British. He got 12A* in his GCSEs due to his brilliant performance, and he was offered admission at the University College, London to study Natural Sciences, rather, Vikkstar went to pursue a YouTube career and rejected the offer. Vikkstar started his YouTube channel on April 12, 2010. He started as a Call of Duty content creator and uploading material videos with his friends and college. He started to play Grand Theft 5 with a group of friends.He created his main channel, and that made him develop an interest in Minecraft and later created a second channel fully dedicated to Minecraft. He has over 5.6 million who subscribed to his channel with over 1.5billion views.

43. Passenger: 5.7 Million Subscribers

Mike Rosenberg popularly known as Passenger online, was born in 1994 in Brighton, England to an American father and English mother. He started at an early age with classical guitar lessons, and began writing his songs at age 16, with the hope of pursuing a career in music, and spent many years playing music in public places both in Australia and England to source for money. He met Andrew Philips in 2002, who is a multi-instrumentalist/producer, the two formed Passenger, brought in Marcus O’Dair bassist, Richard Brinklow keyboardist, Allon Cohen drummer. They released Passenger’s full-length debut “Wicked Man’s Rest,” which brought out the single “Walk You Home.”Rosenberg adopted the name Passenger in 2009 as his stage name after Philips left the band.His YouTube channel was created on December 5, 2006, and grew to have over 5 million subscribers and over 2 billion views.

44. STORROR: 5.7 Million Subscribers

Benj Storror Cave was born in England on January 28, 1994. He is popular among the people, and he is best known as a YouTube celebrity. Benj Storror and Jason Paul were both parkour and professional free runner’s athletes. Benj Storror Cave is a popular member of the YouTube Star list. Benj is parkour and an English free runner who became famous as a result of posting videos of urban free running to his famous StorroBlog YouTube channel.    The exposure led to him getting over 90,000 followers on benjcave, his personal Instagram account.Benj is among the list of most popular celebrities on CELEBS TREND NOW.His YouTube channel statistics of subscribers is over 4 million, with a view of over 400 million.

45. Mark Ronson: 5.6 Million Subscribers

Mark Daniel Ronson was born on September 4, 1975, at St. John’s Wood, London, UK., he is an English-American DJ, musician, record producer, and songwriter. While he was in New York University, Ronson gained much popularity as a Disc Jockey in the hip hop aspect. Mark was surrounded by music as father Laurence Ronson was formerly a music manager and estate speculator in his lifetime. Her mother name is Ann Dexter. He made it to the top through his second album titled “Version,” though his first album failed but didn’t stop him from moving forward. His YouTube channel has a subscriber’s base of over 4 million with over 2 million views.

46. Mumbo Jumbo: 5.5 Million Subscribers

Olive Brotherhood, known on YouTube as Mumbo Jumbo is a British YouTuber who is a part of the fanatic Minecraft community, Hermitcraft. Mumbo is the most renowned Hermit in the Minecraft gaming community and his YouTube channel is solely dedicated to Minecraft and Redstone construction videos. He has been a part of the Hermitcraft for 6 consecutive seasons. Mumbo’s channel currently has around 5.5 million subscribers and is among the top 2 Hermits who have more than 5 million. Apart from making Minecraft construction videos, he also posts side videos centering around the video game and projecting facts about Minecraft like ‘Thing only original Minecrafters Remember’ etc. He also makes some special videos showing Minecraft hacks and tricks. Mumbo also has a second channel where he pursues his  passion of making short films and documentaries. His second channel ‘The Filming Channel’ contains high quality short films, mostly of Minecraft.

Mumbo Jumbo’s net worth sums up to $4 million. He joined the YouTube community in 2012 and has exclusively been a loyal member of Hermitcraft ever since. He has a total of 1.6 billion views on all of his videos combined on his main channel.

47. TGFbro: 5.5 Million Subscribers

Jay Swingler was born on March 17, 1995 while Romell Claudius Henry was born i=on February 8, 1995, they are better online as TGFbro, which its full meaning is – Taking Grandads Fistings. The two are British YouTubers that make comedy, pranks, and challenge videos.Rome and Jay were both raised in Dudley town in the West Midlands; outside of Birmingham, England. Jay was born at Wordsley hospital in the West Midlands, while Romell was born in Lisbon, Portugal, before coming down to Birmingham to settle.Their upbringing in the Dudley community gave the duo a strong accent of Black Country, which contributed to the great merriment of their content. The accent of the Black Country is best appreciated and loved in the United Kingdom. They joined YouTube on May 23, 2012; their channel has a subscriber base of 4 million and 817 million views.

48. Tiana Wilson: 5.5 Million Subscribers

Tiana Wilson is well known online as ToysAndMe, a child YouTuber from England. She became popular due to her toy-based channel; she posts toy videos that are kids friendly, unboxing, reviews, and challenges. Tiana was born on December 24, 2007 in Nottingham, England. She is of British nationality. She has an elder brother named Jordon, and her sun sign is Capricorn. She is also famous for making a frequent post on her secondary vlogging channel. On social media, Wilson has emerged as one of the top child YouTubers. Her passion and interest in toys have made her be famous online.Tiana Wilson joined the YouTube in April 2015. Her father launched her channel named ToysAndMe. Her love for toys and constant posting toys and games related to her channel has earned her millions of followers.

49. BBC News Arabic: 5.4 Million Subscribers

BBC News Arab is the extended brand of the BBC News world to the Arab community. As the name suggests, the channel is dedicated exclusively for Arabs and all the broadcasts are conducted in Arabic. The major coverage area of the channel is the Middle East. The channel was launched on 11th March, 2008 and currently is available in the homes of more than 10.7 million Arabs. The channel’s funding and coordination are all managed by the BBC World Service. The broadcast of the channel runs 24 hours a day non-stop, showcasing talk shows, documentaries and some light family entertainment, all conducted in Arabic. The channel also delivers its daily hourly news bulletin in Arabic. As of present day, the biggest competitor of the channel is the Saudi Network Al-Jazeera.

As the channel directly comes under the family tree of BBC world, so the net worth of BBC World annually is 4.9 British Pounds. A YouTube channel for the news network was created in 2009 and ever since then, the channel has been successful in bagging 5.4 million subscribers with over 1.8 billion views on their videos in total.

50. Joe Weller:5.4 Million Subscribers

Joe Martin Weller was born in Brighton, England on March 2, 1996. He is a British YouTuber, gamer, musical artist, and social media star. He has an affiliation with The Sidemen, a group of YouTube personalitiesHe launched his primary YouTube channel on June 23, 2012, with named “nuevafilms.” His first uploads were based on popular FIFA video game. The channel which grew to about 5.1 million subscribers (Buxton Army) and over 1 billion views, which features a combination of pranks, video game commentaries, challenges, reaction videos, and sketchy comedy. His most popular video as of today include Picking up Girls; Brutal WWE Moves on Girls, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Public WWE Finishers.His elder sister, Amy, is also an active user on the YouTube platform.

51. Cartoon Network UK: 5.3 Million Subscribers

Cartoon Network is an American based animation channel for children which was launched by Warner Bros. Entertainment on 1st October, 1992. But later on, the channel extended its branches and started its network in Europe on 17th September, 1993. The channel is targeted for the age group 7-15. When the channel made its debut in Europe, it started to rule the television screens of both England and Ireland. All the cartoons aired on the UK network are dubbed into British English. Initially, Cartoon Network was introduced on the European screens on hourly basis at the designated time slots but soon after in 1996,the channel got its own place at the European television and started 24/7 broadcast of children’s favorite toons. Originally when the channel was launched, it only used to air cartoons that were of Warner Bros. production but  later on, the channel started accepting cartoons from other productions as well thus becoming instantly famous among the kids generation.

The net worth of the channel sums up to $20 million, highlighting the demand of this particular cartoon channel among children of all ages. The cartoon channel joined the YouTube community in 2007and created their own channel on YouTube which currently has 5.3 million subscribers and more than 4.3 billion views on average on all of their videos.

52. Simon’s Cat: 5.3 Million Subscribers

Simon’s Cat is a delighting, yet mischievous cat that stays with his owner, Simon who has been suffering for long. His appearance online was in a film titled Cat Man Do, made by illustrator and animator, Simon Tofield. Since then he has appeared in games, comic strips and books.Simon's Cat is white, with big eyes, with no spaces between them, a large tail white in color, and pads with the circle on the side away from his paws, sometimes he shows he displays his small claws. His style motion is to point at his dish or mouth each he needs food.Simon's Cat constantly annoys his owner and as well loves attention, it is either he plays inside or outside when not hungry. The YouTube channel of Simon’s Cat has total subscribers of over 4.9 million with views of over 1 billion. The first upload took place on March 4, 2008.

53. DaveHax: 5.0 Million Subscribers

Craig Thompson was born on January 7, 1995, he is better known as Mini Ladd online, an Emirati-born Irish-English, video game commentator and YouTuber, born in Dubai. He lives Portland, Oregon, and currently has a subscriber base of over 4 million. Subscribers and of over 1.5 billion views on his YouTube channel. Craig began his channel on May 12, 2011. He uploads mostly multi-player gameplay videos, which include Cards Against Humanity, UNO, Golf It, Gary’s Mod, GTA V, and Mario Kart, and also Let’s play on its own, a single player. Sometimes, he as well upload vlogs, Reddit 50/50, Q&As (#AskMini), and other life-tailored videos. He lived in Thailand, Singapore, and North Ireland, Derry/Londonderry before he moved to Los Angeles and finally to Oregon.

54. LDShadowLady: 5.0 Million Subscribers

Elizabeth was born on October 7, 1992, in Britain, also brought up alongside her sister known as Maddie. She is a YouTuber and a gamer who gained popularity on the platform of vlogging. She started from a very simple beginning, and she became a known and prominent gamer on YouTube with over a billion view. She is best known online as LDShadowLady.She studied Computer Animation and Visualization at the University of Liverpool. She started her Youtube channel when she was in college. She settled down with her YouTube channel after graduation from the university.She started her channel in 2010, and by 2018, she has more than 4 million subscribers, and her video on the channel had recorded a view of over 1.9 billion. Her second channel is More LDShadowKady, where personal videos are being posted by her.

55. Grian: 4.9 Million Subscribers

Another famous Minecraft YouTuber who is among the top 2, alongside Mumbo Jumbo, to reach 5 million subscribers is Grian. His real name is Charles and he’s a British YouTuber who joined the Hermitcraft community in season 6 and in just a short span after joining, he managed to attain more than 5.18 million subscribers. Like any other Hermit, Grian’s channel also revolves around Minecraft. His channel is solely dedicated to building tutorials in the video game Minecraft. The subscriber count on his channel escalated quickly after he posted a video ‘5 Easy Steps to Improve your Minecraft House’ and his channel is recognized among the fastest growing channels on YouTube. Apart from Minecraft, Grian is also the co-owner of Wynncraft. Grian is also a hard core dedicated fan of  the Minecraft community and almost all the videos on his channels are based on Minecraft and his immense popularity among the community is the reason why his channel is the most renowned YouTube channel in Britain.

Grian’s net worth is entirely based on the success of his Minecraft YouTube channel and that being the reason, his net worth mounts up to $1.9 million. He joined the YouTube community in 2009 and ever since then he has been ruling the Minecraft community on YouTube with more than 1.1 billion views on all his videos combined on his channel. SocialBook provides us with detailed analysis of his YouTube channel.

56. Disney UK: 4.9 Million Subscribers

Disney UK is a teen’s and kids entertainment channel available in the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom on October 1, 1995. It is a subsidiary of Disney Television, USA. Due to timeshift factor, A service of one hour called Disney Channel is aired on Virgin Media and Sky. Currently, Disney channel has two sister channels; Disney XD and Disney Junior. The channel’s content is created and designed for the kids to have a fun, brainstorm, playing with toys, challenges, and other fun related children activities.

57. Jamie Oliver: 4.9 Million Subscribers

Jamie Oliver was born on May 27, 1975, in Clavering, United Kingdom, a British chef. Having worked with his parents in their restaurant had lots of influence on him. At age 16, he started attending Westminster Catering College and acquired more experience by working at various respectable restaurants. Jamie is a popular television series British chef, known for his healthier diets campaigns for school children with the title “The Naked Chef.”  Oliver’s appearance in the television began during a documentary he appeared while working with River Café in London. After that, he gained popularity after he hosted a hit show in cooking. The Naked Chef and many other publications of cookbook including restaurant openings gave him a prominent platform for carrying out the school children healthier eating.He joined the YouTube channel on May 21, 2006. He has more than 4.3 million subscribers and over 500 million views.

63. Ben Philips: 4.6 Million Subscribers

Ben Philips was born in Bridgend, Wales, United Kingdom. He is a British YouTube, Vine sensation, and Instagram celebrity who is known for playing pranks on video. He is into a relationship with Gee Haines. He has over 4 million subscribers and over 1 billion on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Instagram, respectively. Ben Philips became more popular following the pranks he joined his friend to play at Briitish Entertainment on long life suffering Elliot Giles, in December 2016. It was after this that the Comedy Central announced the commissioning of a new reality prank comedy the show will feature Philips YouTube. The show paved the way for Philips. He began to upload videos on Facebook and YouTube, and this made him more popular.

69. Marcus Butler: 4.1 Million Subscribers

Marcus Lloyd Butler is a British vlogger and comedian. He was born on December 18, 1991, in Shoreham, England. He started creating video and music mixes and editing sports footage on YouTube during his college days. He created his YouTube channel, Marcus Butler TV in 2010 at viewer’s request. He had over 379 million video views and over 4.6 million subscribers as of 2017. Marcus became famous as an actor, and he’s known for his TV show performances such as “Box Relief.” He has a large audience on Twitter, which is more than 3 million followers, and he was called the most popular user of the site in 2013. On his YouTube channel, he posts information as regard pop culture, travelling, and lots of parody videos.He has over 32 million views and over 4.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

70. The Beatles: 4.1 Million Subscribers

The Beatles are considered to be the most revolutionary band of all time in the history of music. The Beatles were founded in 1960 in Liverpool by 4 members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Their music comprises rock and roll genres along with a hip hop and classical touch. The Beatles are the founders of the modern music generation and are considered to be the leaders of the sociocultural movements. Starting from 1960, The Beatles performed at local clubs and pubs for about 3 years until they met producer George Martin. They recorded albums and songs and instantly became worldwide famous by 1964. Their albums have broken all the records in the US and UK music industry. They are also considered as the ‘British Invasion’ on the US music industry due  to their highly influential and revolutionizing music. They have sold over 183 million units in the United States and 600 worldwide, getting entitled as the most powerful band of all time. They have also been included in the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in 1988 and have bagged more than 22 awards including Grammys and Brit Awards. The band disbanded in 1970 and the members enjoyed their solo career afterwards. All the 4 members were also listed by Time in the list of 20th century’s most important people.

The YouTube channel of the band was created in 2005, soon after the creation of YouTube. It contains all their songs and special moments of the members. Currently the channel has 4.1 million subscribers and more than 87.5 million views on all their videos combined.

71. Daz Games: 4.0 Million Subscribers

Darren Black, known in the YouTube world as Daz Black or Daz Games is a British YouTuber who loves to make people laugh. His YouTube content consists mostly of him reacting to video games, playing video games and creating memes and funny vines. He often role plays as other typical characters like English lady and Happy Cloud, to make his content interesting and engaging. Before permanently becoming a part of the YouTube community, Daz used to work for a construction company and made hilarious vines on YouTube as a side hobby. But as soon as he hit the milestone of 1 million subscribers, he decided to pursue his YouTube career as a full time job so he can pour all his dedication and time in giving his audience a good laugh and urging them to hit the subscribe button. Daz also has a daughter named Sarah who often makes her appearance in his vines.

Daz Black has a net worth amounting up to $2 million. Daz joined YouTube in 2013 and currently he is ranked among Britain’s top YouTubers with over 4 million subscribers and 928.1 million views on his videos altogether.

72. TheGamingLemon: 3.9 Million Subscribers

Brad Lemon, known in the gaming community and the YouTube kingdom as The Gaming Lemon is a 23 years old British YouTuber who is a gaming fanatic. He loves to play and records himself while playing video games. Among his top likings is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). Other games which he is usually seen playing on his channel include The Sims 4, Minecraft Far Cry 3 and Red Dead Redemption.

Brad often creates fun content in his YouTube videos as well to engage his audience. The special feature of his channel and his snowballing subscribers is that he shares a gaming secret with his followers. Brad claims that whenever he gets angry, he possesses superhuman power and qualities. He crushes everything that comes in his sight and changes his appearance, like glowing red eyes and radiant hulk green skin. Unlike most YouTubers Brad doesn’t spend the major part of his life hooked to the screen. He often takes breaks for several weeks and months from his channel to focus on himself.Brad aka The Gaming Lemon joined YouTube in 2011 and ever since then he has managed to bag 3.9 million subscribers and 675.8 million views on his videos all combined. Brad’s net worth sums up to a figure of.

73. Memeulous: 3.9 Million Subscribers

George Arthur Andrewes is a young English YouTuber who runs the channel ‘Memeulous’ on YouTube. As the name suggests, his channel is solely dedicated to memes and funny videos. He is famous for creating funny commentary videos on video games and creating ‘Let’s Play Funny Moments’ videos. He earned fame as soon as he launched the series of his videos doing hilarious commentary over the Club Penguins video game. He came up with the name for his channel by combining the two names ‘Memes’ and ‘Fabulous’.

George used to live in London in an apartment with a fellow YouTuber ImAllexx but both were evicted due to a complaint filed against them by neighbors for causing too much noise while filming for their videos. He instantly gained fame through his very first videos of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Memes. He also often records reaction videos where he chooses a topic or a picture and discusses it with his audience. George also adds a mysterious flair to his personality by never revealing his identity. He rarely uses fam cam , but whenever he does, he always covers his face with a bandanna and sunglasses so no one would recognize him.

Even though by hiding his identity, Memeulous still manages to earn a net worth of $2.7 million dollars through the hilarious content on his channel. He joined the YouTube community in 2015 and ever since then, he has bagged 3.9 million subscribers till date with over 890.7 million views on all his videos combined on average.

74. English with Lucy: 3.9 Million Subscribers

Lucy Bella Earl is an English instructor who runs a famous YouTube channel where she gives lectures on the perfect British English communication. After completing her basic education, she went to Madrid to learn Spanish and Italian. Whilst her stay in Madrid, she freelanced as an English Instructor for some small companies. Upon her return to England, she pursued her degree in Marketing Communication with honors. She started her educational YouTube channel in and on her YouTube channel ‘English with Lucy’, she teaches her audience about correct English pronunciation and teaches them English as a foreign language. Her YouTube content also includes some interesting facts about her personal life and her fiancé. Her most popular video on her channel is ’10 Words You Pronounce Incorrectly’ which received more than a million views and earned her channel the limelight. Her dedication to her channel can be witnessed from the fact that after her graduation, she turned down multiple jobs just so she could focus on her YouTube channel.

Lucy’s net worth is completely dependent on her YouTube channel and it amounts up to $909,000. Lucy joined the YouTube community in 2016 and ever since then till present day, Lucy has charmed more than 3.9 million subscribers from her amazing English speaking lessons and has earned more than views on all her videos combined.

75. WOW ENGLISH TV: 3.9 Million Subscribers

Wow! Is actually a British children’s program which was telecasted on the Television screens all over the UK in 1996 on ITV’s broadcast. The show was lively and full of energy hosted by Simeon Courtie and Sophie Aldred. Though the show only had a total of 16 episodes, each and every episode did a fine job in engaging the British children. The show included different cartoons, music programs, guest interviews of cartoon characters, competitive games and comedy roles played by the sudden entrance of the comic book characters, The Tea Ladies. The show aired from 31st August to 14th December 1996. Wow! was full of entertainment and comedy and was always children’s absolute favorite.

Although the TV program only had a single season, but however, Wow! joined the YouTube kingdom in 2014 and has been doing a fine job in amusing children with their dynamic host Steve and his puppet pet Maggie. The channel is full of educational, comical and childish content for little kids so they can have fun in learning in the modern era. Currently the channel has a total of 3.9 million subscribers and 3.2 billion views on all of their videos combined on their channel. The channel has also been earning a handsome net worth of $8.5 million due to their extremely children friendly YouTube content.

76. JacksGap: 3.9 Million Subscribers

JacksGap is a YouTube channel run by the very popular identical twins Jack Harries and his brother Finn Harries. The channel originally belonged  to Jack Harries. Jack, after completing his school in 2011, decided to take a gap year from studies and focus more on himself. He started a YouTube channel as a personal diary to record his gap year adventures. Due to his highly charming looks, the channel instantly gained subscribers. Soon after, Jack introduced his twin brother in the videos and the subscriber count boosted and the two brothers earned enough cash to fund their trips to Thailand and India. Their family is all absorbed in the film industry, with their father, Andy Harries, being a director and producer, and their mother, Rebecca, a writer.

The channel particularly gained popularity in 2015 when the brothers filmed a video ‘Let’s Talk about Mental Health’ and their insightful perception on teenage mental illness spoke the hearts of millions around the globe. The channel faced some turbulence when Finn decided to move to New York to study. In 2015, JacksGap decided to take a break from all forums of social media. Until in 2018,  when Jack renamed his channel to ‘Jack Harries’ and shared with his followers about how his mental illness urged him to take a break from social media. The channel was last active in 2019 and no one knows if there is going to be any future content.

JacksGap earned a net worth of $1-5 million from their YouTube channel, which currently has 3.9 million subscribers and 172.8 million views on all the videos combined on the channel.

77. Wayne Goss: 3.8 Million Subscribers

Wayne Goss is a self-taught English Makeup artist and entrepreneur who runs his YouTube channel by the name ‘Wayne Goss’. Starting as a child, Goss always had a secret obsession with makeup. Growing up, he decided to pursue makeup as a career so he studied about makeup from London and developed himself as a professional makeup artist. Today, he is an established freelance makeup artist who only serves for special clients. His insanely creative makeup skills are the reason why he is so adorned in the British makeup artist community. His YouTube content is extremely user friendly as he shares the tips and tricks of makeup on all face types. To take his makeup game to the next level, Goss also launched a series of special makeup brushes in 2013, which gave his followers hope to look forward to his own unique makeup line in the near future.

Goss took his makeup passion to filming on YouTube in 2008. Presently he has around 3.8 million subscribers and 502.9 million views on all his videos combined. Goss has a net worth of $1.1 million, owing to his makeup expertise.

78. SovietWomble: 3.8 Million Subscribers

Soviet Womble is an anonymous gaming YouTuber who  is famous for recording brilliantly edited YouTube videos. He doesn’t like to share his personal life, including his real name, to his followers, apart from his cute interactions with his pet dog Lulu. He is a true example of a hobbyist since his channel doesn’t seem to appear superficial. His vulgarity, blunt speech and inappropriate jokes make his channel one the most brutally honest channels on YouTube, but it doesn’t always turn out to be welcoming for his new followers. His YouTube content is mostly about his gaming commentary videos and his dog Lulu. Mostly he is known in the gaming community for his videos on the game Battlefield. His videos are highly edited, each and every shot on his videos is edited thus creating a very graphically appealing effect. For Soviet Womble, quality of the videos are most important and his utmost priority, so he invests good loads of time in a video before uploading it for his followers.

Soviet Womble joined the YouTube clan in 2011 and since then, he has managed to bag more than 3.8 million subscribers and 862.4 million views on all his videos combined. His net worth amounts up to $850,000.

79. PointlessBlogVlog: 3.8 Million Subscribers

Alfred Deyes, the creator of the British sensational YouTube channel, ‘Pointless Vlogs Blog’ is actually an English author and vlogger. He started his YouTube channel back in 2010 and created vlogs about almost everything. Later on, in 2014, he published his own book called ‘The Pointless Book’ and released 2 more books following its series and an autobiography, thus fueling more to his success. He has multiple channels on YouTube; his main channel, vlogging channel and gaming channel. He has collaborated with a big number of influential and famous YouTubers to create mesmerizing content for his followers. Moreover, he also collaborated with the pop star Ariana Grande for the ‘You Generation’ on YouTube. His handsome face has also served as the cover of multiple magazines. In 2013, he did a major collaboration by partnering up with the YouTube channel ‘Guinness World Record OMG!’ where he made 3 bizarre world records with fellow outnumbers.

Currently, Deyes has a massive fan following on all social media forums, 3.8 million subscribers on YouTube and 1 billion views on all his videos combined. He has a net worth amounting up to the handsome sum of $2 million.

80. carwow: 3.8 Million Subscribers

Carwow is a UK based franchise circulating around cars. It deals with new and used cars. Carwow provides the perfect opportunity to buyers to get the car of their dreams and requirements. Carwow operates on the reverse marketing scheme, meaning that the buyer only has to insert in the specifications that they are looking for in their car and the relatable dealers can make their proposed offers to the buyers. Carwow also has a YouTube channel where they review different cars and share the views of experts on various cars. The company functions through a website where people can search, buy and even sell their cars. The company was founded by James Hind in 2011 and was launched in 2013. Brand new or slightly used cars are all up for sale at Carwow. They are not even brand specific,, meaning cars of all kinds and models can be purchased or sold at this wonderous car website. It’s basically a virtual car showroom!

Carwow, up till date, has earned a net worth amounting up to $6.4 million. The YouTube channel of Carwow was launched in 2014 and currently they have 3.8 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views on their videos combined.

81. Boomerang UK: 3.7 Million Subscribers

Boomerang is a UK based cartoon channel with a 24 hours broadcast. It was launched in 2000 with the aim of airing classical toons. Initially, boomerang followed its aim and aired the good old classy toons such as Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Danger Mouse and Scooby Doo. But afterwards, Boomerang also started to air newly released shows. The show also did a live streaming from 2007 – 2009 of certain shows like Fraggle Rock, The Latest Buzz and The spy Family. In 2001, the channel became the 2nd highest rated TV network for children in the United Kingdom. The channel also changed its logos from time to time, gaining a new look and entertaining audience. Boomerang has been the favorite of both children and adults since its launch. The reason being that Boomerang became the home of the classics after they were being replaced by modern cartoons on other networks.

Boomerang joined YouTube in 2015 and up till date, has a net worth of $276,000. Boomerang has also been successful in bagging more than 3.7 million subscribers and 2.4 billion views on all their videos combined.

82. Mrwhosetheboss: 3.7 Million Subscribers

Mr. who's the boss is an English YouTuber who is a tech freak and enthusiast. He is known for his extremely detailed and insightful tech reviews on every newly launched smartphone, cameras and gaming stations. He has evaluated almost every brand of tech that exists till date. His real name is Arun Maini and his obsession with tech started in his childhood. He started his YouTube at just the age of 15 with the dream of becoming the most renowned tech guru in all of Britain. Shortly after his extremely beneficial reviews, he managed to earn that title. This 24 year old young lad graduated studying economics. His YouTube channel is centered around tech stuff and reviews, including comparisons. He also sometimes features his younger sister in his videos. Many of his loyal followers also insist that his voice should be adopted for Google Assistance. If any person wants to make a major tech purchase, they should listen to this guy first!

Arun started his YouTube channel back in 2011 and up till now, he has earned more than 3.7 million subscribers and 611.3 million views on all the videos combined on his channel. His net worth sums up to a handsome amount of $1.5 million.

83. Bars and Melody OFFICIAL: 3.7 Million Subscribers

Bars and Melody are a pop group who entertain their fans with a series of pop, jazz and rock n roll songs. The duo consist of Leondre Devries, who is Bars and a rapper, and Charlie Lenehan, who is the lead singer known by his stage name Melody. The two met online back in 2013 and decided to form a duo group and took their music to social media. The pair then decided to appear in the 8th series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2014, where they instantly got promoted to the semi-finals in their audition by the judge Simon Cowell. Although the two didn’t win the series they ended up signing a big deal of 500,000 pounds with Simon Cowell’s record company. They released their first album ‘Hopeful’ in 2014 and instantly got hit and burned the charts. Today the band has reached such a reputation that they have conducted shows in the UK, US, Europe, Australia and Japan. They also bagged an award Bravo Otto.

The group together have earned a net worth of $270,000. The two joined the YouTube kingdom in 2015 and presently have attained more than 3.7 million subscribers and 313.3 million views on all of their videos combined.

84. NoughtPointFourLIVE: 3.6 Million Subscribers

Fred Pye is an English gaming YouTuber who has an obsession with the video game Grand Theft Auto V. He is famous for recording tips and tricks, including  secret hacks, of the very famous game. Taking his obsession to the screens, Fred started his YouTube channel in 2011. This young lad of 21 has such a strong passion for gaming that in his childhood, he used to play violin to earn some money so he could buy gaming stations. He has also collaborated with tons of gaming websites and has reviewed their gaming sets. His YouTube content is solely centered around sharing the cheat codes and hacks of the game Grand Theft Auto V and reviewing various gaming sets.

Starting from 2011 up till now, Fred has earned a handsome amount of $2.4 million as his net worth, owing much to his gaming obsession. Currently, his YouTube channel has around 3.6 million subscribers and 1 billion views on all his videos combined.

86. WillNE: 3.6 Million Subscribers

William Ethan Lenney, known in the YouTube community as WillNE is an English YouTuber who does commentary based videos. His YouTube content is all about his reactions, opinions and commentary over funny things on the internet. He is quite a renowned YouTuber and often collaborates with other YouTubers like Memeulous and ImAllexx. He often jokes about his square face shape, comparing himself to the Minecraft character Steve. He runs a side channel called S2W where he often posts videos of himself gaming and some other hilarious commentary based videos. William suffers from Reflex Anoxic Seizure (RAS) and openly shares about his condition with his following whenever he gets the chance. He also started several other collaboration YouTube channels with fellow YouTubers to create amusing content to entertain fans. Hands down, William is the most adored YouTuber in Britain's YouTube community who never fails to charm his audience!

William started his YouTube channel back in 2011 and up till now, he has attained a net worth of $1.4 million. He has also bagged 3.6 million subscribers on his channel and 501.4 million views on all his videos combined.

87. GradeAUnderA: 3.6 Million Subscribers

GradeAUnderA is a very famous English YouTuber who is known for his comical style in commentary over various videos and pictures trending on the internet. The feature which gives him the limelight is that he uses comical simply created animated cartoons to depict the meaning of his rants. He often rants in his videos about various subjects, thus earning popularity in the YouTube community. His real name is Ram Karavadra which he revealed in one of his videos entitled ‘How to Find Any Song Name’ which got up to 2 million views. Mostly, Ram rants about other YouTubers that exhibit hypocrisy in their videos and jokes about them faking their personality for the sake of YouTube. This controversial commentary style adopted by Ram has surely bagged him some haters too. His funny description on his YouTube channel is the major source of attraction for his fans.

Ram joined the YouTube kingdom as GradeAUnderA back in 2013 and up till now, he has bagged more than 3.6 million subscribers and 463.9 million views on all his videos combined. He has also been successful in attaining a net worth of $500,000.

88. Nickelodeon UK: 3.6 Million Subscribers

Another UK based television channel for children included in our list is Nickelodeon UK. Nickelodeon is actually a US based channel which airs kids shows, series and cartoons for children of all ages. In 1993, the first international channel of Nickelodeon was launched and that was in UK. The channel is basically a partnership between Viacom CBS UK and Australia and Sky Group. The channel broadcasts programs for children and teenagers 24/7. One of the major highlights of the channel is the very famous cartoon for kids, Dora the Explorer. The channel is also famous for conducting awards for kids shows , which is truly one of a kind effort by any children’s TV channel. The awards are usually held in the United States but in 2007 and 2008, the awards were held in London for two consecutive years. Later on, the award tradition could not be followed in London due to budget issues.

The channel joined the YouTube realm in 2015 and ever since then, Nickelodeon UK has earned a net worth of $15 million, with more than 3.6 million subscribers and 3 billion views on all of their videos combined.

89. Behzinga: 3.6 Million Subscribers

Ethan Lewis Payne is the very famous English YouTuber who records his videos centered around video games, football challenges and lifestyle vlogs. Ethan loves doing football challenges , that is the reason why he is often seen playing FIFA and Grand Theft Auto. Recently, the theme of Ethan’s content shifted as now he has started to post most about his lifestyle and real-life content. He is famous among YouTubers for his uncontrollable laugh. He was bullied a lot in school so he often shares about his trouble and experiences with his massive following. He has also studied game development, thus leading to his gaming obsession. He is very close to his mom and features her in most of his videos, and even surprised her with a car once. Ethan also shares a very inspiring weight loss journey story where he lost 65lbs and now lives a much healthier and active life. He also has a second YouTube channel ‘Beh2inga’ where he posts his gaming content, since now the theme of his main channel is more life relatable.

Ethan joined the YouTube kingdom in 2012 and up till now he has bagged more than 3.6 million subscribers and 473.1 million views on all of his videos combined. He also earned a handsome net worth of $1.5 million.

90. Rita Ora: 3.6 Million Subscribers

Rita Ora is an English singer, songwriter and actress who rose to height in 2012 after she was featured in the hit single ‘Hot Right Now’. She released her debut album ‘Ora’ in 2012 and it instantly occupied the number one place in the UK music charts. The album contained multiple singles which got entitled as the number one trending singles in all over the United Kingdom. In fact, her success from her debut album became the reason why she became the artist with most number one singles in the United Kingdom Singles Chart in 2012. Her second album ‘Phoenix’ embraced her with similar success. Her striving success in the music industry made Ora as the first ever solo female artist of Great Britain to her 13 of her songs in the top 10 UK song’s list. Ora had a burning passion for singing ever since her childhood and was never afraid to showcase her powerful voice. She never forgot her original heritage of the Albanian culture and is often seen making donations and charity contributions to help the people of Kosovo. She has also been named as the Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo.

Rita Ora is a strong influential personality. She took her singing career to YouTube on and up till, her channel has earned more than 3.6 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views on all of her videos combined. Rita Ora has also been successful in bagging a handsome net worth of $23 million.

91. GameSprout: 3.6 Million Subscribers

GameSprout is actually a United Kingdom based gaming website which is solely dedicated to gaming. The best feature of this website is that it gives its viewers a chance to share their own filmed gaming video. The website channel enables millions of young gamers, who have not yet established themselves as professional gamers, a chance to get their gaming videos featured on their YouTube channel. The game can be of any kind or any genre, as long as it follows certain submission guidelines provided by the website. The videos just have to depict different gaming characters doing their required tasks and missions successfully in their designated video games.

The website truly flourished and expanded its empire to YouTube in 2011. The website thrived so hard by providing a golden opportunity to thousands of young gamers that today, their YouTube channel has more than 3.6 million subscribers and 1.5 billion views on all of their videos combined. From its formation till date, the website has been fruitful in earning a net worth of $3.2 million.

92. More EmilyTube: 3.6 Million Subscribers

More Emily Tube is actually a fun kids YouTube channel whose star is a 6 years old who is seen having fun, playing around with toys and singing nursery rhymes. The channel is actually an educational channel, aiming to educate children towards their belongings. The channel is managed by Emily’s parents. All the channel’s content has Emily as the star. Sometimes she’s playing in the room while the other, she is  dancing to nursery rhymes. She is also seen reviewing different toy sets and enjoying playfully with them. The YouTube channel ‘Emily Tube’ is actually partnered  with the very famous kids TV production Collins TV.

Emily joined the YouTube kingdom in 2014 and ever since her arrival, she amuses her wide set of audience, specifically children, with colorful toys and fun playing schemes. Emily’s parents have earned a net worth of $3.6 million, owing to Emily’s adventures on her YouTube channel. the channel presently has more than 3.6 million subscribers and 873.5 million views on all of their videos combined.

93. Morgz Mum: 3.5 Million Subscribers

Jill Hudson, a 56 years old woman runs a very thriving YouTube channel called Morgz Mum. She is an English YouTuber who is the mother of Morgan Hudson, her son who also runs a YouTube channel titled as Morgz. The mother and son are often seen in each other videos. Both of them also share similar content, doing weird challenges and pranking each other. The two seem to know no boundary for the pranks. On Jill’s channel, her 2nd husband is also often seen making appearances. Jill has faced a lot of controversies towards her YouTube channel because of the extreme jolly relation between the mother and son. Things are so extreme between them that Morgan even accused his mom as a sexual offender to gain fame. Jill also bullies other rival YouTubers and insults them due to which her channel also got terminated in 2018 for about 10 hours. After her channel recovered from the termination, Jill had a massive in-flow of subscribers.

She joined the YouTube community and since then, has managed to bag more than 3.5 million subscribers and 306.3 million views on all of her videos combined. Her net worth amounts up to a big number of $670,000.

94. Jasmine Thompson: 3.5 Million Subscribers

Jasmine Thompson is a young English singer and songwriter who started her career as a singer from her YouTube channel. Jasmine started filming herself at just the age of 10, where she recorded various videos of herself singing and instantly gained a massive following. Her career rose to height when she was featured in the song ‘Sun Goes Down’ in 2014. The song became an instant hit and was featured in various countries like Australia, Germany and Switzerland. She also got herself entitled in the UK music charts when she recorded her cover of Chaka Khan’s song ‘Ain’t Nobody’ and occupied number 32 in the list. Her cover was so soothing and catchy that it was featured in a commercial as well and attained instant hit in various countries. Jasmine’s thriving singing career is solely developed due to YouTube and she promises her best to deliver amazing songs in the future.

Jasmine joined the YouTube kingdom in and currently has 3.5 million subscribers and has 627.8 million views on all of her videos combined. Her net worth sums up to a handsome number of $20 million at just the age of 19.

95. Toy Trains 4u: 3.5 Million Subscribers

Toy Trains 4U is a fun YouTube channel for children which features the classical English cartoons, Thomas Trains. The channel’s content is extremely child- friendly as it is based on various storylines of Thomas’ adventures with his friends. Sometimes, the Lego minions also make an appearance in the videos, having fun with Thomas. Other toys that are featured in some of the videos are superheroes, SpongeBob and other famous toons. The videos instantly grab the attention of children as they are extremely educational depicting fun stories in different videos. The narration behind the videos are the main attraction for the audience. The toys are not the only highlight of the videos, but the colorful and playful background creates a much more realistic visualization.

Toy Trains 4U joined YouTube in and ever since then, they have managed to bag more than 3.5 million subscribers and 4.8 billion views on all of their videos combined. Toy Trains 4U have earned a big net worth of $1.9 million by their creative and fun videos.

96. Om sayf: 3.5 Million Subscribers

Om Sayf is an English-Arab YouTuber who is a gamer. Now her channel has quite a unique flair because it is quite unusual to see an Arab girl playing video games. Om Sayf is best known for playing the very famous and trending video game PubG. She records herself playing PubG, completing all the missions and earning achievements and awards. Most of her YouTube content has Arabic commentary, making her quite popular among the Arab YouTube community. Her casual style and fighting spirit is the main attraction for her audience and it never fails to persuade her audience to hit the subscribe button. She joined YouTube back in 2017 and ever since then, she has been ruling among the Arab YouTube community. Although she originated in London, she chooses to adopt Arabic dialect for her videos.

Since 2017 till date, Om Sayf has earned more 3.5 million subscribers and 514.9 million views on all of her videos combined. Her gaming passion has enabled her to earn a net worth of around $1 million.

97. Kiera Bridget: 3.5 Million Subscribers

Kiera Bridget is an English YouTuber who started her career on YouTube back in 2014. Kiera is famous on YouTube for creating makeup content and doing various challenges. Another reason why Kiera got the highlight on YouTube is that she used to date the very famous YouTuber Morgan, known as Morgz. Together the two used to create various hilarious content pranking each other and messing around, until they officially broke up in 2019. They recorded their breakup stories and shared it with their massive fan following. Kiera is also a beauty icon and never fails to charm her audience with her beauty. Most of her content is centered around makeup, challenges and sometimes creating reaction videos.

Since 2014 till date, Kiera has earned more than 3.5 million subscribers on her channel and 300 million views, making her channel a chic one on YouTube. She has also earned a net worth of $700,000 owing to her YouTube content.

98. FRANKIEonPC: 3.5 Million Subscribers

FRANKIEonPC is an English YouTuber who is a gamer. Frankie’s YouTube channel is always under constant construction. His initial videos are of him playing the video games Battlefield and Call of Duty. His real name is Frankie and he started his You/tube channel back in 2011. Before he adopted the name ‘FRANKIEonPC’, he had a former channel where he only uploaded videos of his Call of Duty days, but deleted the channel afterwards. He also collabs with several other gaming YouTubers and records various videos competing with them. Frankie has raised some controversies about him as well, claiming to have hacked the gaming accounts of a fellow gamer so to succeed in all of his missions. Frankie decided to take a break from his YouTube channel in 2017, taking the time out to focus more on himself and to come up with creative new ideas for branding his channel. He also stated that the theme of his current YouTube channel might also change.

Since 2011 up till now, between deleting and recording videos, Frankie has earned a net worth of $1 million with 3.5 million subscribers on his channel and more than views on all his videos combined.

99. 24 News HD: 3.5 Million Subscribers

24 News Channel is actually a 24 hours news broadcasting network based in Pakistan and has its branches extended in the United Kingdom. The news channel not only broadcasts news in HD quality, but also conducts several talk shows commenting and discussing on the current country and worldwide affairs. The channel was launched in 2015 and since then, it has been doing a tremendous job in highlighting all sorts of political, environmental, religious and other affairs happening around the world. A YouTube channel for the news channel was created in the same year as its launch, 2015. Currently, the YouTube channel has more than 3.5 million subscribers and 954 million views on all of their videos posted combined. The channel, with its extended branches in the United Kingdom has managed to earn a handsome amount of $2 million as their net worth.

100. The Script: 3.4 Million Subscribers

The Script is an Irish rock band which was founded in 2007 in Ireland. The band moved to London in 2008 and signed a contract with Sony Label Group, releasing their debut album. The album instantly became number one in both Ireland and the UK. The next 3 consecutive albums did a successful job in burning the charts and their 2nd album even got hit in the US, occupying third place. The band undoubtedly produced some iconic music which have also featured in certain trending series of the US, including The Vampire Diaries. Collectively, the band has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. The band has also embarked in several worlds, amusing and entertaining fans worldwide and have surely gained the limelight. The band also became successful in bagging multiple awards, including winning the World Music Awards, twice. The band is still operational in the modern era, ruling more than a decade and still promises to bring new and creative content to their fans.

A YouTube channel of the band was created in and from then till present day, the channel has gained more than 3.4 million subscribers and 1.7 billion views on all of their videos combined. The band has earned a big amount of $16 million as their net worth, owing to their promising musical content.