Top 100 YouTubers From Germany
Top 100 YouTubers From Germany

updated: June 2020

1. HaerteTest: 18 Million Subscribers

HaerteTest is a crash test channel which uploads new videos every week. The channel got the first 100k subscribers in 2017, and soon reached the 1 million subscriber milestone in the next year.

2. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: 12.2 Million Subscribers

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell is an animation studio and YouTube channel based in Munich, Germany. It was created in July, 2013 by Philipp Dettmer after he finished university. The channel focuses on producing animated educational content and currently, it is one of the largest and most popular science channels on YouTube with over 11.4 million subscribers and 637 million total views. Kurzgesagt make 4-16 videos in length focusing mainly on science subjects like the human evolution and the big bang as well as a variety of different topics like technology, politics, psychological and philosophical subjects like loneliness, income, addiction and nihilism. Their videos are also available in German on the channel Dinge Erklärt – Kurzgesagt. Today, they have a team comprising of 25 people including Steve Taylor, who is the narrator of the page.

3. Kinder SpielzeugKanal: 9.9 Million Subscribers

Kinder SpielzeugKanal

Kinder SpielzeugKanal is a German children’s toys page focusing on videos of toys from Fireman Sam, Thomas the Train, Diggers, Lego, Playmobil, Masha and the Bear and many more. The page was founded in 2015 and today it has over 8.9 million subscribers along with 1.97 billion views since. The channel showcases many toy brands that are trademarks of their respective manufacturers, neither sponsoring nor authorizing or supporting this YouTube channel. It simply focuses on entertaining kids with hands on experience with all the new cool toys.

4. Ice Cream Rolls: 8.7 Million Subscribers

Ice Cream Rolls

Ice Cream Rolls is one of the most amazing channels out there on YouTube. It is just about ice cream with unlimited flavors. The channel is based in Hamburg. Germany and was founded in 2011. On the channel, you can find unlimited delicious flavors of ice cream recipes, street food, and DIY tutorials along with weird innovations from all around the world. The page now has 7.8 million subscribers and the highest watched video was the “Monster Energy Ice Cream Rolls”, which was viewed over 38 million times. The channel posts videos almost every day with new crazy ice cream flavors that will shock your taste buds.

5. Freekickerz: 8.4 Million Subscribers


Like the name suggests, Freekickerz is a one of the largest self-active football YouTube channels in Germany, as well as in the world. The page was founded way back in 2006 by Konzi, who is the founder and chief executive and his team behind the project consists of his friends Daniel and Michi who show the world their self-produced football content including kicks, tutorials, tricks and tips to test. Furthermore, they also test football equipment including footballs, boots, goalie products and training equipment along with a weekly “Top 5 Goals of the Week” series which was designed and invented by the YouTube community. The page started off like most YouTube pages with no profound meaning, ambitions or utility except for three free-kick artists showcasing their skills. However, after the emergence of YouTube, the team posted their home-made videos that brought more than one million clicks after 2 years so this page was no more about fun and games. Today, the videos have over 1.9 billion views and the page itself has over 8.3 million subscribers.

6. CrazyFrogVEVO: 8.0 Million Subscribers


Crazy Frog is a Swedish CGI-animated character that was created in 2003 by playwright and actor named Erik Rehnquist. The character became a worldwide sensation after the release of a hit single which was a remix of “Axel F” (Soundtrack of Beverly Hills Cop). It reached the number one spot in New Zealand, Turkey, Germany, Australia and majority of Europe. Due to this success, they later released a subsequent album and more singles like “Popcorn”. Today, the official YouTube channel has over 7.3 million subscribers and 2.8 billion views worldwide. Crazy Frog might be annoying but he definitely provides entertainment and fun for everyone.

7. BibisBeautyPalace: 5.9 Million Subscribers


BibisBeautyPalace is a German fashion and beauty YouTube channel founded by Bianca Claßen in 2012 focusing on hair, fashion, travel, and makeup and challenge videos. Today, her page has over 5.6 million subscribers which have made her channel the fourth most popular YouTube Channel in Germany. In 2014, she won an award in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle category at the Play Awards. Things took a different turn when she released her first song, “How it is (Wap Bap…), which became the seventh most disliked song on YouTube in just a few days. Her song also became the most disliked video on any German YouTube channel.

8. The Voice Kids: 5.8 Million Subscribers

The Voice Kids is a German YouTube channel for the show of the same name. The show itself is a music talent show for younger singers with the same concepts of its parent show. “The Voice of Germany”. The Voice Kids Germany is by far the most internationally popular version of the Voice shows with over 5.6 million subscribers due to many contestants having multicultural backgrounds. The Voice Kids is Germany’s most successful talent show for 8- to 14-year-olds thank to its YouTube impact by the performance of a 13-year old Austrian performer which garnered over 165 million views as of 2018.            

9. Julien Bam: 5.7 Million Subscribers

Julien Bam

Julien Bam is a German-based web video producer whose videos are mostly based on photography, music, lifestyle and dance. He ranks 5th among the most success full German YouTube channels with over 5.4 million subscribers. In addition to his main channel he also has other channels like Bulien Jam, Bam School and Bam Crew with millions of views respectively. In addition, Julien Bam and his team scored second place at the ProSieben Dance Show Masters in December 2018. He has also been nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards as well as a Golden Camera Digital Award both in 2017.

10. Kontor.TV: 5.4 Million Subscribers

Kontor.TV is the official dance channel of Kontor Records which is a record label based in Hamburg, Germany. The artist roster and the electronic dance videos on the channel include ATB, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Scooter and many others. The YouTube channel of the company was launched in 2006 along with various music videos, playlists and preview-mixes of latest releases. The channel today is one of the top 10 YouTube channels in Germany and one of the most famous music channels in the world with over 5 million subscribers and 4.8 billion views in its thirteen year span so far.

11. Ameer Bros: 5.3 Million Subscribers

Image result for Ameer Bros

Ameer Bros is a youtube channel created only recently, in September 2018, by two brothers. The channel features videos primarily based on food, including challenges, Mukbang, ASMR eating sounds, Military MREs, Taste test, food reviews and mystery boxes. The channel boats 2.4subscribers and seems to be quite popular in Germany and has been viewed over 374 million times. Doesn’t come as much of a surprise since we all know what a popular and loved topic food is.

12. Rammstein Official: 4.9 Million Subscribers

Rammstein Official is the official YouTube channel of Rammstein which is a German band that was formed in 1994. Their six-man lineup of the band includes the lead vocalist, Till Lindemann, lead guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe, rhythm guitarist Paul Landers, bassist Oliver Riedel, drummer Christoph Schneider, and keyboardist Christian "Flake" Lorenz. The channel has over 4.7 million subscribers along with nearly 1.9 billion total views. Their music video “Du Hast” has been viewed 196 million times since 2016. The channel has an annual earning potential up to 4.5 million dollars with around 95 million monthly views. Even after 23 years, the band has been unchanged and still going strong as ever.  

13. Bessan Ismail: 4.8 Million Subscribers

Bessan Ismail is a a famous online personality gaining fame from her vlog videos.

14. TheFatRat: 4.7 Million Subscribers


TheFatRat AKA Christan Buttner is a Germany-based record producer and musician whose music ranges from melodic glitch-hop to euphoric progressive house, with a great influence of video game music. His channel was founded in 2011 and today, it has over 3.7 million subscriptions. He is incredibly popular with the gaming community on YouTube with one of the largest followings and engaging fan-bases on the web in his genre. He has been featured in over 3 million videos with over 3 billion views on the platform. His music has been synched-to-screen for some of the most popular and top grossing games like DOTA 2 and Rocket League.

15. COLORS: 4.5 Million Subscribers


COLORS is one of the most unique aesthetic music platform that focuses on exceptional musicians and talent from all around the globe. It was founded in 2016 and now has over 3.1 million subscribers from all around the world. On this platform, up-and-coming musicians are put in a unique recording studio to perform and the result is a blend of great music and aesthetically pleasing surroundings that take things to another level visually. In October, 2018 Adidas partnered with COLORS to release exclusive music videos of singers focusing on football and top clubs from all around the world like Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

16. ConCrafter | LUCA: 4.2 Million Subscribers


ConCrafter l LUCA was founded on August 01, 2011 by Luca Tilo Scharpenberg. Luca is a German web video producer who initially started by uploading Lets’s Plays on the game Minecraft and since mid-2015 he started working on other games as well. However, things changed significantly in 2016 as LUCA started uploading challenges, vlogs and comedy videos. His comedy videos were unique with thumbnails containing his face with a reaction based on the content of the video. Since the end of 2015, he has been a member of Studio71 and today his page has a over 3.7 million subscriptions and rising every day.

17. clips mix: 4.0 Million Subscribers

clips mix

Clips mix is a YouTube channel dedicated to kid’s toys, games and more recently, chess tactics. The channel was founded in 2012 and today it has over 3.2 million subscribers. The page earns anything from $281,000 to $4.5 million annually and they have had a collective view count of 1.89 billion which ranks it among the top 3000 YouTube pages in the whole world. The channel’s most watched video is “Surprise Eggs” which was uploaded in 2014 and brought over 247 million views since.

18. Dagi Bee: 4.0 Million Subscribers                                  

Dagi Bee

Dagi Bee is a German web video producer who owns and operates a YouTube channel with the same name. Her videos are related to fashion and style with topics such as hair styling, make up and nail designs. Along with this, she also acquires cosmetic products and accessories as well answer questions of her fans related to beauty myths, teeth whitening and scars in here “Call of Beauty” category. As far as her reputation is concerned, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in August 2014 that she is one of the few YouTubers who has the competence for successful self-marketing which makes connects her across many mediums with her audience. Today, she has over 4 million subscribers and growing since 2012.

19. ApeCrime: 3.8 Million Subscribers


ApeCrime is a German YouTube channel. It was founded in 2011 by a music and comedy trio born and raised in Stadthagen that goes by the same name. They started off by posting song parodies on every Friday on their series “CrimeTime”. Later on they started producing more series like “Sayings in Real Life” and “10 Facts”. Today, they have over 3.8 million subscribers and frequently post videos every week. Their highest watched video brought about 16 million views. More interestingly, ApeCrime frequently created videos with other YouTube channels like Y-Titty, iBlali, Cheng Loew and Taddl which were posted on their own channel and partner channels. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, ApeCrime co-starred with BullshitTV on CocaCola’s TV channel.  

20. Paluten: 3.7 Million Subscribers


Paluten AKA Patrick Mayer, is a German web video producer that gained popularity through Let’s Plays and Vlogs on his YouTube Channel which was founded in October, 2012. His first video was a Let’s Play about the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted meanwhile his focus is mainly on Let’s Plays on the game Minecraft. He received special attention for his video series Minecraft Freedom that a fictional story around Paluten and its mascot, the pig Edgar, which was told in 380 episodes. Other YouTubers were also in on it like GermanLetsPlay, Freedom Squad and Rewinside. Today, he has over 3.2 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed almost 400 million times.

21. Unique Vibes: 3.7 Million Subscribers

Unique Vibes is a music YouTube channel that collects variety of music. The channel owner says it is his goal to "share the best vibes out there with" his audience. You can also follow the playlist of Unique Vibes on Spotify.

22. Pamela Reif: 3.7 Million Subscribers

Pamela Reif is one of the top fitness channels among German YouTubers. The average view of her videos is over 4.5 million, the channel engagement rate is higher than 240%. Quick and effective "no talk" workout video is her main content.

23. Dhruv Rathee: 3.6 Million Subscribers

Dhruv Rathee is an educational YouTuber making in-depth videos on social and political issues. He claimed he made all his "videos, graphics and posters with evidence." He is one of the most fast growing YouTube channel in Germany, with 3.2 million subscribers currently.

24. ArkivaShqip: 3.5 Million Subscribers


ArkivaShqip is an Albanian YouTube entertainment channel based in Hamburg, Germany which was founded in December, 2009. It is known for posting mostly Albanian music videos as well as videos in multiple languages from all around the world especially Europe. It is the largest Albanian platform on YouTube with over 7000 videos released and over 4.5 billion views along with more than 3 million subscribers. ArkivaShqip is the only legal platform that protects the rights of all its artists, the intellectual rights of their works through GmbH in Germany. With a history of over 10 years in the Albanian music industry, ArkivaShqip is now the main partner of many composers, record labels, video productions and of course: the main partner of hundreds of artists who in the Albanian Archives have found the key to their success.

25. Mohamad Gowani: 3.3 Million Subscribers

Mohamad Gowani is an Arabic YouTuber living in Germany. And he has 157k followers on Facebook.

26. GermanLetsPlay: 3.3 Million Subscribers


GermanLetsPlay is a German based producer of web videos born in 1992. He has been particularly involved in Let’s Plays which he published on YouTube actively. He is best known for his multiple videos on many retro games, flash games and Minecraft. His trademarks are a blue and black stripped pullover and a mask. The GermnaLetsPlay channel reach over 1 million subscribers in December, 2014 and as of January, 2019, he has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube ranking him in the top 25 YouTubers list. He was also voted winner by viewers in the very first season of the game TubeClash.

27. Freshtorge: 3.2 Million Subscribers


Freshtorge AKA Torge Oelrich is a German web video producer, actor and comedian who is one of the oldest and most popular YouTubers from Germany with his channel spanning over 13 years. In his videos, Oelrich appears in the form of various figures, voices and costumes. Torge is regarded as one of the first big YouTube creators in the German language and in 2012, he was in the top 10 list. Moreover, he was nominated in the comedy category of Video Dallas and aso of March, 2019, his channel now has over 3 million subscribers along with 950 million views.

28. Ikram Bellanova: 3.1 Million Subscribers

Ikram Bellanova

Ikram Bellanova is a social media star who has gained fame for herself in the last 8 years from her self-titled YouTube channel. She is originally from Morocco and she uses her heritage to bring about multicultural blends of fashion and lifestyle. Since 2011, she has earned almost 280 million total views on her videos based on adventure, fashion, makeup, personal lifestyle and beauty vlogging. Today, she has an outstanding audience which has grown to more than 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube as well as over 500,000 followers on Instagram making her one of the most iconic YouTubers in Germany.

29. Felix von der Laden: 3.2 Million Subscribers

Felix von der Laden

Felix Von Der Laden is a German web video producer who gained popularity through the release of Let’s Plays and Vlogs on his channel. He specially focused on Let’s Plays for Minecraft which reached a huge young audience. His channel was founded in 2011 and was originally called DNER. Currently, he has over 3.2 million subscribers and is among the 20 most subscribed channels in Germany. He has also been nominated for multiple Let’s Plays in recent years as well as various other presenter awards. He is also regular on the live streaming -Video portal Twitch active. His page makes between $14,700 to $235,000 a year.

30. Rewinside: 3.1 Million Subscribers


Rewinside is a Germany based YouTube channel which was founded in 2013. On this channel, you can basically find different content related to Minecraft in formats such as Craftattack, Whos your Daddy with, Castlerush with Unge and Masterbuilders. Occasionally, he also makes Vlogs and challenges which has taken the channel’s subscription count to 2.77 million which is an incredible feat considering the fact that there was already some high level competition in Germany alone on Let’s Plays and Vlogs about Minecraft. His most watched video “FORTNITE AUSRASTER bringt mich in die KRANKENHAUS NOTAUFNAHME” brought in nearly 5 million views in Germany during the Fortnite hype phase back in 2018.

31. Galileo: 3.0 Million Subscribers


Galileo is a YouTube channel, created back in Julyof 2013, which is currently run and maintained by the German television network, ProSieben. The show itself is hosted by Aiman Abdallah, Stefan Gödde and Funda Vanroy. The channel, posting clips from the show, is informative as it takes its viewers on a journey to gain knowledge on a wide array of subjects including politics, society, history, etc. Being the 27th most viewed channel on the platform in Germany, the channel boasts fan following of over 2 million and almost 2 billion views.

32. BUSHIDO: 2.9 Million Subscribers


BUSHIDO is the official YouTube channel of German Rapper, Anis Mohamed Youssef who goes by the same stage name. He is also a hip-hop producer, entrepreneur and one of the founders of the record label called ersguterjunge. BUSHIDO is one of the most popular YouTube channels in Germany not just for his music but his merchandize as well which you can check out in details on his website. Currently, he has over 2.7 million subscribers along with over a billion video views. Be sure to check out some of his graffiti T-shirts which he often wears in his videos.

33. BangerChannel: 2.8 Million Subscribers


BangerChannel is the official channel of Banger Musik, which is a German Hip Hop/Rap Independent label. It was founded way back in 2010 by rappers Farid Bang, Mohamed "Mo7art" Elbouhlali and M. Jacobs. With a subscriber count of over 2 million, it is the 28th most viewed channel on YouTube in Germany. The channel boats over 1 billion views and has gained 2.8 million subscribers.

34. Calisthenicmovement: 2.8 Million Subscribers


This fitness, nutrition and health based YouTube channel was created in 2012 by founder of Calisthenic Movement, Sven Kohl, who is also a licensed trainer and physical therapist. The Youtube channel was created in the same year that Kohl started calisthenic exercise after being inspired by youtube channels like ‘Hannibal is King’. Calisthenicmovement is dedicated to publishing calisthenic exercises and workout routines. Apparently, Germans must possess a high interest in staying fit given to the 1.8 million subscribers who intently follow the channel and also the 160 million views that it boasts.

35. Standart Skill: 2.8 Million Subscribers

Image result for Standart Skill

Standart Skill is a German YouTube page owned and operated by Philipp Geibler. He is a web video producer, creator in gaming and now also working on music as well. He gained YouTube fame through the world-renowned game Fortnite like many other YouTubers. Moreover, he also produced many videos about GTA 5 as well targeting mainly boys mainly between the ages of 8 to 18 years old. Today, he has over 2.25 million subscribers and his videos have been watched over 600 million times making him one of the most popular YouTubers from Germany in the last decade.

36. JONAS: 2.8 Million Subscribers


This German sensation became a YouTuber at the mere age of 15 with the launch of his channel ‘uFoneTV’ in September, 2011. He has now become a phenomenon with his channel ‘JONAS’. As of January 2016, he has joined the Youtube 1 million subscriber club and has had many of his videos surpass one million views since then. The Youtuber also has others channel called ‘Jonas Vlog’, Jonas Plays’ and ‘Jonas Thinks’. He is currently dating fellow YouTuber Denise Mski.

37. DieLochis: 2.7 Million Subscribers


DieLochis is a German YouTube channel owned are a German music and comedy duo , which became known for its videos on the Internet platform and its own songs. It consists of the twin brothers Heiko and Roman Lochmann born in 1999 and was founded in 2011. They are popular for publishing song translations and parodies of popular chart hits and in 2012, they received an Audience award at the German Web Video Awards in the “Newbie” category. They reached their first million subscribers in 2014 and today, they have over 2.6 million subscribers with almost one billion total views as off 2019.

38. MERO: 2.7 Million Subscriebrs

Mero is a German rapper, who became popular in 2018 on Instagram. Mero's debut single "Baller los" was released in 2018 and ranked first for both German and Australia single charts.

39. Shirin David: 2.7 Million Subscribers

Shirin David

Shirin David is a German YouTuber from Hamburg. She produces and published beauty, fashion and lifestyle on here channel. She was previously a member of Gang until she left the “TubeOne” network in 2016. Her name is not the same as her YouTube name. Shirin David consists of only her second name “Shirin” along with an abbreviation of her surname. It was later brought to news by Niloofer Irani that her first name is actually Barbara. Moreover, Barbara has had an on and off relationship with Chris from BullshitTV. The two got together in 2015, broke up, got together again and broke up again in the same year.

40. JoergSprave: 2.6 Million Subscribers

Image result for JoergSprave

JoergSprave is a YouTube channel owned and operated by JorgSprave, who is a German YouTube artist that is now one of the most popular channels in Germany at this time. On his channel, Sprave posts demonstrations of his exotic, home grown Zwillen(Slingshots or catapults). All his orbs consist of at least one rubber band and they are shot depending on the model with small items such as saw blades, arrows, toilet brushes and many others. The channel reached its first million subscribers in 2016 since its inception in 2008 and is one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany even though most of his audience is based in the US since majority his videos are in English.

41. MontanaBlack: 2.6 Million Subscribers


MontanaBlack is a YouTube page owned and run by a German YouTuber names Marcel Eris. He is very well known for his “Call of Duty” game plays. He also plays many other games like “FIFA”, “Mario Kart 8” and “Player unknown’s Battlegrounds” in his livestreams. He has a record of 300 hours of play in a single month on “Player unknown’s Battlegrounds”. His channel was founded in 2009 and today he has over 1.6 million subscribers along with over 2 billion total views making him one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany with 352 videos posted up till date.

42. iBlali: 2.6 Million Subscribers


iBlali also known as Ali is a YouTuber based in Jessil, Kazakhstan and is a web video creator in the field of comedy, entertainment, gaming and Vlogs. The channel was founded in 2011 and was broken down into four formats iBlali, Trve and a Half Men, Ali-tells and Flop Games. Due to this he rapidly gained subscribers and new viewers. Today, he has over 2.79 million subscribers and has posted 447 videos with his final video posted on March 2, 2019. He is renowned as one of the most popular figures on YouTube based in Germany since he set up his team called “book club” to produce videos. He also had a keen interest in Let’s Plays and often switched to them to improve the quality of his videos with new formats.

43. EUROPA Kinderprogramm: 2.6 Million Subscribers

EUROPA is a label of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH. And they opened this official YouTube for their children program. The channel was started in 2010, and has a very high channel engagement rate of 45.48%.

44. GoldenArmor: 2.5 Million Subscriebrs

GoldenArmor is a gaming YouTube influencer based in Germany who started his channel in 2014. He makes animation, funny moment and gameplay videos of Minecraft. The most-viewed video is the one he published two years ago, "Monster School: Love - Minecraft Animation," has been watched over 26 million times.

45. inscope21: 2.5 Million Subscribers


inscope21 is a YouTube page owned and operated by Nicolas Lazaridis. Nicolas is a German comedy creator and currently, his channel is in the top 50 list of YouTube channels in Germany. On his channel, he runs comedies in many formats which include Snapshot stories, The Stupidest comment, Nico fucks YouTuber and VS (comparison of things/people). Today, he has over 2 million subscribers with over 1000 videos and a massive total of 3.75 billion vies since the channel’s inception in 2010. Some of his famous sayings include “Good morning, good lunch or good evening, dear people!”, “Piss off!”, “You freak!” and “is that your seriousness now?”.

46. xKito Music: 2.5 Million Subscribers

xKito Music

xKito Music is an English-language YouTube channel owned and operated by a girl named Bella. It is based in Germany and is one the top hundred most subscribed YouTube channels in Germany. The channel consists of music of different genres mostly electronic music including . Electro House, Drumstep, Trance, Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Future Bass, Chill Trap, House, Melodic Dubstep or Electronic. She does not produce the music herself but posts them on her channel after getting the consent of the artists in support of the electronic music genre. In the background of her videos, you can find anime characters from platforms like Zero Chan, e-shuushuu, konachan and deviantart. Today, she has over 1.6 million followers and rising every day.

47. Made My Day: 2.5 Million Subscribers

Made My Day

Made My Day is a German YouTube channel sharing life hacks, facts and knowledges. They have over 1.2 million followers on Facebook, and 420k followers on Instagram.

48. AirwaveMusicTV: 2.5 Million Subscribers


AirwaveMusicTV is a music promotion YouTube channel founded in 2011. It is a channel where individuals, musicians and artists can submit and release their tracks, images and photography as long as they have full rights to the content submitted. Today, the page has over 1.7 million subscribers with almost half a billion views on music in genres which include Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, House and Electro. The most viewed video on the channel up to date is Alan Walker, K-391 & Emelie Hollow – Lily with over 47 million views in 5 months.

49. briQle: 2.4 Million Subscribers

briQle is a Lego animation YouTube channel. The channel only has 62 uploaded videos, but the average view count of these videos is over 21.7 million. The most-viewed video of briQle channel is the"Lego Shark v Body Building - Gym Fail" video, which has been watched over 115 million times since its upload in 2018 March.

50. PietSmiet: 2.4 Million Subscribers


PietSmiet is a German-language YouTube channel that focuses on Let’s Plays. It was founded in 2007 and is currently run by fiver members, formerly six people which are Piet, Br4mm3n, Chris, Jay and Sep. The sixth member of the group was The Hardi but he left the group in October, 2015. Currently, the page has over 2.3 million subscribers with over 2.25 billion video views making them one of the largest German Let’s Play YouTube channels. They have around 21,556 videos up till now with no signs of stopping any time. In addition to their main channel, they have other channels for questions and answers, reactions, Vlogs and real-life stories.

51. ApeCrimeTV: 2.4 Million Subscribers


ApeCrimeTV is the second channel of ApeCrime which was founded on February 19, 2014. Videos on this channel were always broadcasted on Tuesdays in its earlier days due to lack of time and stress especially on tours. Being the secondary page of the group, it still has over 2.4 million subscribers and from April, 2015 to December, 2016 videos regularly appeared on the second channel after some legal issues. After 2016, videos on both channels were removed and in the following months, the group came up with a statement that they wanted to focus on music as their previous videos did not really do justice to who they were and wanted to move on to new things.

52. DieAussenseiter: 2.4 Million Subscribers


DieAussenseiter are a German web video producer duo which have been operating on YouTube since 2008 and today, they have over 2.4 million subscribers along with over half a billion total video views. They are regarded as one of the most successful German-Language video channels in the world and were the most subscribed German YouTube channel for three years straight. One their channel, they posted self-made and cut videos in which they humorously dealt with parodied music, various topics and collected video snippets from the net and put in vlog style online. DieAussenseiteralong with many of their other channels belong to the YouTube network TubeOne as well.

53. ApoRed (YALLA GANG): 2.4 Million Subscribers

YALLA GANG is a music YouTube channel for all music creators to publish their works. They accept contributions of unpublished songs or music videos, thus has grown very fast.

54. unsympathischTV: 2.4 Million Subscribers


unsympathischTV is a German YouTube channel founded by Jan Sascha Hellinger in 2014 and the channel is based in Stuttgart. His channel has over 1.32 million subscribers along with 2 billion plus views in the last five years since its inception. The channel publishes comedy videos like making fun of the fashion world, other creators and different everyday situations. He also often posts challenges for his audience who are mainly of young age between 16 and 22. He also has a second channel called Sascha Hellinger on which he uploads gaming content along with Vlogs.

55. URBAN DANCE CAMP: 2.4 Million Subscribers


Urban Dance Camp is an English YouTube channel located in Germany which focuses mainly on dancing. At present, it is in the top 50 YouTube pages in Germany. The channel was created way back at the end of 2010 and by 2014, it had over 100,00 subscribers. The channel features dance videos and choreographies on popular songs and music videos in which dancers imitate different views according to the tones or beat. There are many choreographers and vary from time to time. As of today, the page has 1.3 million subscribers and over 251 million total views and still going strong.

56. Elif Karaman: 2.4 Million Subscribers

Elif Karaman

Elif Karaman is a popular Turkish-German dancer, who is one of the most popular YouTube personalities in Germany. Her channel which is named after herself was founded in 2014 and today, she has over 2 million subscribers with almost 400 million total vides. She is known for her dance style on Bollywood songs due to which, she also has a huge fan following in India as well. She is fluent in Urdu and Hindi which she learned in order to understand the songs she danced to. She has posted 128 videos up till now and still going strong since Bollywood will never be short of new songs and movies any time soon.

57. Emrah: 2.4 Million Subscribers


Emrah is a German web video producer who mainly posts his videos on YouTube only. He launched his channel in 2011 and his first video was released almost a year later. Today, he has over 2 million subscribers from his videos which are mostly about life tips, life hacks and factual videos. One of his well-known trademarks is his greeting in which he cuts himself from many angles at the beginning of is video followed by saying “"Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi and welcome, and welcome, hi!". In the beginning of 2016, he reached an incredible feat from having just 33,000 followers to well over one million within one year which is the highest subscriber growth rate on YouTube in 2015.

58. Capital Bra (Joker bra): 2.3 Million Subscribers

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Capital Bra, also known as Joker bra, is the YouTube channel of Ladislav Balovatsky, a German rapper with Ukrainian and Russian heritage. His channel was founded in November, 2018 and has 25 plus videos up till now. As of mid-2019, he has over 1.5 million subscribers and his videos have already been viewed more than 226 million times. Balovatsky uploaded his very first Rap music onYoutube under the pseudonym "Siam One", in the year 2009. He rose in popularity in the German underground rap, through Rap am Mittwoch, a German battle rap tournament, where he participated in a few of battles. His battle against Master Marv, is the most watched Rap am Mittwoch battle on YouTube, with more than 8 million views as of March 2019.

59. Scorpions: 2.3 Million Subscribers

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Scorpions is the official YouTube channel of the German Rock band which was formed in 1965 and is based in Hanover. Their channel has over 120 videos since the inception of the page way back in the mid of 2008. Since then, their videos have been watched more than 1.76 million times. The channel basically posts videos of the band on different tours, concerts, back stage interviews and responding to fans in their question and answers section. The page earns anything between $13,200 to $211,300 on an annual basis from views and subscriptions.

60. PrankBrosTV(Kelvin und Marvin): 2.2 Million Subscribers

PrankBrosTV(Kelvin und Marvin)

Kwvin und Marvin, also known as PrankBrosTV, is a German YouTube channel founded and run by two brothers named Marvin and Kelvin in which they produce videos of pranks and challenges. The channel was founded in January, 2014 and by May, it had over 100,000 subscribers. Their pranks included creepy things like psychos, disgusting things, killer clowns and the mere in-putting or reaction of a person. Today, the channel has over 1 million subscribers along with 258 million total views. Apart from pranks, they also test foodstuff and make comparision videos like cheap vs expensive.

61. monsterchannel24: 2.2 Million Subscribers

monsterchannel24 is a very niche YouTube channel for RC model fans. The channel owner creates video footages of RC Tractor, Excavator, Truck and Construction Machines.

62. CrhymeTV: 2.2 Million Subscribers

Image result for CrhymeTV

This channel belongs to the hip-hop group, the ‘187 street gang’, also called ‘187 street band’, members of which include  rappers Sa4, Gzuz, Bonez MC, LX and Maxwell. The band was formed in 2006 by Bonez MC which led to the creation of the Youtube channel in February, 2019. Their YouTube channel is mainly used to post music videos, vlogs or occasional interviews. The channel currently has 1.9 million subscribers and 1.1 million views.

63. ClayClaim: 2.2 Million Subscribers


ClayClaim is a Germany-based YouTube paged owned and operated by Simon. The channel was founded in 2015 and it focuses on Polymer clay creations that are made by Simon himself from inspiration and information based on mobile games. He is incredibly popular among young kids and today, he is one of the most popular YouTubers in Germany with over 1.79 million subscribers along with almost 200 million video views. In 2018, one of his Fortnite Battle Royal videos titled Loot Lake and Loat Soap now has over 11 million views in 8 months. Along with videos, he also sells his creations on his website as well as some merchandize.

64. SpontanaBlack: 2.2 Million Subscribers

Image result for SpontanaBlack

SpontanaBlack is a typical gaming channel and was created by Marcel Eris back in 2013. Before landing a career on Youtube, Eris was a drug addict for several years and managed to successfully fight his addiction. He uses his channel to also raise awareness about dangers of drug use. The gamer has a fondness of Twitch streaming and often makes live stream video. Just like many other Youtubers, he plays Call of Duty, FIFA, Mario Kart, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite and Apex Legends. He also has a second channel by the name of ‘Spontana Black’. His main channel, however, currently has 1.8 million subscribers.

65. KinoCheck: 2.2 Million Subscribers

KinoCheck is the Germany's largest movie network. On their official YouTube channel, you can check the newest movie trailers, news and reviews.

66. KMNGANG: 2.2 Million Subscribers

Image result for KMNGANG

Consisting of Azet, Nash, Jon Sulejmani, Zuna, Trimzi and Miami Yacine, KMN Gang is group a renowned German rappers. The crew created their Youtube channel in 2015, 5 years after the formation of the band, to promote their music. Although the channel sits at number 27 on Germany’s most viewed Youtube channels, it is said to be one be one of the moment polarized rapping crews from East Germany. Their channel currently has a total of 1.9 million subscribers and 8.8 millions views.

67. iCrimax: 2.2 Million Subscribers


iCrimax is a German Let's Player and web video producer, who produces videos and livestreams in which he mainly plays the game Fortnite along with some of the highest trending games like GTA 5. He has been producing videos on his channel since 2013 and today, he has over 1.73 million subscribers along with a grand total of 478 million views and counting. The channel posts videos daily on Fortnite and GTA 5 with thousands tuning in to watch. He is now one of the most popular YouTubers in the gaming category from Germany.

68. MySpassde: 2.2 Million Subscribers


MySpassde is the YouTube page of which is a video-on-demand platform. It is powered by Brainpool TV which is headquartered in Cologne and is a TV film production company for light entertainment in Germany. It is involved in the entertainment sector in areas of TV production, artist management, festivals and live concerts, production services, marketing and right exploitation of young talent. YouTube is used to promote the company with advertising as well as some of the productions as it is open to everyone. Today, the page has over 2.2 million subscribers with over 2 billion views in total since its inception in 2009.

69. Nadeen Toys Tv (My Disney Toys): 2.1 Million Subscribers

Nadeen Toys Tv is a doll stories, toy reviews and DIYs channel for kids. The main language used in this channel is Arabic.

70. TikTokTunes: 2.1 Million Followers

TikTokTunes is the YouTube channel for you to find all popular songs on TikTok. The channel was created in 2019 August, and has gained over 2 million followers in less than a year.

71. Little Baby Bum Deutsch: 2.1 Million Subscribers

Little Baby Bum Deutsch is the German version of Little Baby Bum, one of the top nursery rhymes and kids song channels. The main channel Little Baby Bum has over 26 million subscribers as of 2020 March.

72. Julia Beautx: 2.1 Million Subscribers

Julia Beautx

Julia Beautx is the YouTube channel of a German web video producer and Vlogger named Julia born in 1999. The page was founded in December 2013 and it produced videos mainly on lifestyle such as DIYs, Hauls, life hacks, favorite videos and routines. Julia was also one of the featured guests in 2016 and backstage at the Sat.1 show on TV called Superkids: the greatest talents in the world. In the same year, she was also on the Glow-show Hanover and Bochum. The channel now has over 1.77 million subscribers along with almost 260 million views. Furthermore, she is among the youngest YouTubers to achieve this feat.

73. Ali Omar: 2.1 Million Subscribers

Ali Omar is an Arabic YouTube channel focusing on gameplay and tips for the online game Garena Free Fire. The channel was created in Dec 2018, and has reached over 2 million subscribers in One year and a half.

74. Gewitter im Kopf - Leben mit Tourette: 2.1 Million Subscribers

Gewitter im Kopf is a vlog YouTube channel managed by Jan and Tim. Their humorous content has attracted 2 million fans. The channel average engagement rate is as high as 50.04%.

75. Jarow: 2.0 Million Subscribers


Jarow was originally the YouTube channel of Valentin and Julian who have been in the video producing game since 2011. The channel however, is operated by Julian who lived in Frankfurt for a very long time and made videos with other YouTubers like Kurono. Today, the page has over 1.96 million subscribers with 945 videos and a total of almost 4.7 billion views. The channel was initially about rap music like interviews with rappers like DCVDNS, Kollegah, MoTrip, Weekend, Shneezin and Megaloh. Julien was always interested in unexplained and creepy mysteries which he used to expand his channel with a new format called “sick world”. In this format he talked about bad and controversial things that happened in the world. This took his channel to a whole different level and another notable thing about his videos was the ending in which he signed off by saying, “The world is evil, take care of yourself!".

76. Kelly MissesVlog: 2.0 Million Subscribers

Kelly MissesVlog

Kelly MissesVlog is a YouTube page owned and managed by Kelly Svirakova. Kelly is a German comedian and Vlogger with over 1.94 million subscribers, 661 videos and an outstanding view count of over 3.8 billion since its inception in 2010. Kelly has a standard format she follows regularly with “Kelly comments comments” on Tuesdays, Weekly Vlogs on Thursdays and random topics on Sundays. One of her most notable formats is"Kelly Annotates Comments" in which Kelly humorously comments on her viewers' comments. The first episode of this was released in 2011 andcurrently, the format includes over 220 episodes.

78. Sarazar: 2.0 Million Subscribers


Sarazar is a YouTube page owned and operated by Valentin Rahmel who is a German web video creator and gamer. He produces Let’s Plays in which he mainly plays shooter games like Battlefield 3. He is also very well known for his joint Let’s Plays with the channel “DieSuperHomies” and Gronkh in which he also co-stars with Gronkh. The channel was founded in 2010 and currently has over 2 million subscribers along with over half a billion views. He has uploaded over 4000 videos on the platform up till now and actively uploads videos of all the latest games he plays. On other occasions, he also uploads vlogs to interact with his viewers to participate in his events.

79. CrispyRob: 1.9 Million Subscribers

Image result for CrispyRob

CrispyRob is the YouTube channel of German web video producer Robert. His channel is well known for travel Vlogs, short films, challenges, comedy, entertainment and tests or review. More recently, he has shown keen interest in cooking videos in which he presents his top recipes, pranks and reactions on Simons Pranks. One of his most popular videos was his travel vlog to Thailand with Julien Bam (RoJuTrip) in which he sleeps in the nature with Stephan Gerick. Today, his page has over 1.9 million subscribers with about 150 videos and over 1.3 billion total views making him one of the most famous YouTubers from Germany.

80. Zombey: 1.9 Million Subscribers

Zombey YouTube channel is created by German gamer Michael Rankl who is 27 years old. His most-viewed game series are Animal Crossing, Untitled Goose Game and Sekiro.

81. Arazhul: 1.9 Million Subscribers


Roman Fink, better known for his youtube channel name, Arazhul , which he derived from his World of Warcraft username, is a German youtuber who created his channel in 2012. He finally reached his one million subscriber count in 2017 and now has 1.6 million subscribers. His youtube content mostly consists of ‘Let’s Plays’, often involving his gamer friends, Larsoderso and IsyCheesy. His view count is currently over 1 billion and continues to increase everyday.

82. JP Performance: 1.9 Million Subscribers

JP Performance

JP Performance is the YouTube channel of a German presenter, web video producer and entrepreneur names Jean Pierre Kraemer. His page is currently the most visited and most successful German-language YouTube channel in the automotive category of the platform with over 1.7 million subscribers and over 610 million total views and growing. His videos are mostly about car tuning and modification in his workshops. On May 1, 2017, Kraemer made an announcement in a YouTube video, among other things, that he planned to open a fast food restaurant called Big Boost Burger by JP Performance, which opened on 21 August 2017 along with a showroom with it.

83. HandOfBlood: 1.9 Million Subscribers


HandOfBlood is a German YouTube web video creator who is popular for mainly uploading videos about the MOBA game league of legends along with occasional Let’s Plays, Vlogs and other real-life videos. Things took a turn by mid-2016 in which he announced that he will now only be focusing on elaborate, creative and high-quality productions. His channel was founded in 2010 in which he initially started videos about The Lord of the Rings Online and League of Legends follow by Let’s plays on Need for Speed Most Wanted. He then shifted his attention to horror games soon after and after his announcement of terminating all previous formats in 2016, he started working with web video award winner “BeHaind”. Today, he has 1.4 million plus subscribers along with over almost half a billion total vides.

84. Melina Sophie: 1.9 Million Subscribers

Melina Sophie

Melina Sophie is a German web video producer who owns and runs her YouTube page of the same name. She made here breakthrough on the platform when she was contacted by LionTV on Twitter. She already had a decent fanbase when they contacted her and later, they posted a video with her which brought LionTV viewers to her channel as well. One of her most notable videos was the 7-minute video in which she came out and confessed her homosexuality and also discussed some of her experiences dealing with this. She is one of the very few YouTubers that have won the web video award two times in 2016 and 2017. Today, she has over 1.86 million subscribers and her videos have been viewed over 3 billion times.

85. Dima: 1.9 Million Subscribers


Dimitry Koslowski is a German youtuber best known as one half of the infamous duo DieAussenseiter (The Outsiders), the second half being his cousin, Alexander. The youtuber rose in fame and subscribers due to his humorous skits, vlogs and various other challenges which he posts on his DieAussenseiter channel, which was the most subscribed YouTube channel in Germany until November, 2012. On his self-titled channel, however, the youtuber posts vlogs about his personal life, which has amassed 1.9 million subscribers and over 15 million views.

86. BULLSHIT TV: 1.9 Million Subscribers


Bullshit TV or BSTV is a German-language comedy trio than has been producing and releasing videos on YouTube since 2010. The comedy trio consists of Ceebas (Sebastian Meichsner), Chris (Christos Manazidis) and Phil (Philipp Meichsner). The trip uploaded their fist video in March, 2010 which was a parody of another popular YouTube creator Sami Slimani and became an instant hit. They then expanded and broadened their parodies to other comedy and music formats and in 2014, they won the spectator prize of the "Y-Titty Takeover Battle" along with the Web Video Prize in the LOL category at the Capitol Theater in Düsseldorf. Today, they have over 1.8 million subscribers.

87. Modern Talking: 1.9 Million Subscribers

Modern Talking was a German duo consisting by Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen. They are active between 1984 and 2003. The Modern Talking YouTube channel publishes the official video of the duo and also the cover videos by other musicians.

88. Jay & Arya: 1.9 Million Subscribers

Jay & Arya

Jay & Arya is a German YouTube duo operated by Jay Smuelz and Arya Lee. The videos on this channel are mostly about films, series and short films in which they talk about mistakes, theories and facts, and today they are one of the most successful YouTube channels in Germany with over one million subscribers and counting. They also often make videos about music and advertising along with producing short films whic is their passion as they want to produce a film some days. This platform is a means to showcase their skills as well as share their views and what they learn from the movies they work on.  Today, they have a fan following of 1.8 million people.

89. xLaeta: 1.9 Million Subscribers


xLaeta is a German YouTube channel owned and operated by Julia Maria. The page is simply about hacks, beauty, do it yourselfs as well as the latest and ongoing trends worldwide. She has been shooting videos since March, 2013 so she has been around for over 6 plus years. Her ideology is that no matter how old you get, you still discover something new and have fun at the same time. Today, she has over 1.8 million subscribers with over 289 million total views. When it comes to creativity and boldness, very few YouTubers from Germany can match her vibrant and charming personality.

90. HooplaKids Deutsch: 1.8 Million Subscribers

HooplaKids Deutsch YouTube channel is part of HooplaKids family, featuring handicrafts and recipe videos.

91. Paola Maria: 1.8 Million Subscribers

Paola Maria

Paola Maria is a German beauty web video producer of Italian origin. She went to college with Sascha of the Outsiders who she married in 2017. She usually uploads videos in genres which include Beauty, Vlog and lifestyle due to which he now has over 1.72 million subscribers along with over 93 million video views since the page’s inception in 2013. She has posted 170 plus videos on the platform and you can often find her dogs named Briochi and Paola in some of her videos. She is also a member of DieGang as well as Die Bibs, which is run by her and her husband, Sascha.

92. DW Documental: 1.8 Million Subscribers

DW Documentary is the channel publishing documentary from both German and international publications. The channel is created in 2017, and have over 1.8 million subscribers and 300 million video views.

93. Slivki Show DE: 1.8 Million Subscribers

Slivki Show DE

Slivki Show DE is a German-language YouTube channel that is based in Ukranie and was later adapted in to more languages like Spanish, Japanese and English. The channel is operated by Yury Yaniv and made around 800,000 Euros in 2017. The German channel was founded in 2015 and now has over 1.5 million subscribers and counting. The content of the channel includes, Lifehacks, bullet videos and DIY videos along with experiments which are mostly extraordinary and dangerous. The best thing about the page is the Russian accent, humor as well as wisdom and stories about cat Cookie and Russia.

94. rezo: 1.8 Million Subscribers


Rezo is a German YouTuber, vlogger and influencer, displaying blue hair as his most distinguishing feature. He rose to  fame amongst his fans due to his humorous personality, the fans jokes he makes for his fans and also his musical choices. His musical streak comes because of his experience as a musician, since he was part of a band from the age of 14 till the time he was pursuing his master’s degree. He has a secondary youtube channel as well by the name of ‘Rezo ja lol ey’, His main channel boasts a whooping 1.6 million subscribers while his secondary channel has a total of 943 thousand subscribers.

95. Digster Pop: 1.8 Million Subscribers

Digster Pop

Digster Pop is a Germany based YouTube channel that focuses on pop music and was created in 2014. The channel includes videos based on hypes, starts and the latest trends. As of 2016, it was the 47th most subscribed channel in Germany after it reached a million subscribers. Since, the channel deals with music and artists, you can find music videos, remixes as well as their own video formats which include news and coverage about interviews with artists, tours, festivals and song introductions. Some of the playlists also include comparable channels of different artists like VEVO. Today, the channel has around 1.46 million subscribers with nearly half a billion total views.

96. Joey’s Jungle: 1.7 Million Subscriebrs

Joey’s Jungle

Joey’s Jungle is a German YouTube channel which was founded way back in 2008. It was created by a YouTuber named Josef who mainly posts comedy and other entertainment videos which are uploaded on Sundays. Even though the channel was created in 2008, his first video was released in 2013. Initially, Josef made videos of skateboard tutorials which are no longer on his channel since he later switched his channel to comedy and started posting challenges as well as formats such as “Trau Dich Joey” and “Bloopers”. Today, his channel has over 1.35 million subscribers with more than 344 million total views on his 346 plus videos.

97. AviveHD: 1.7 Million Subscribers


AviveHD is a YouTube channel owned and run by German Let’s Player named Lucas Michels. The channel has over 1 million subscribers since its inception in 2012. He is popular for his vide format “Der KommtFlach” which has more than 79 episodes. His other formats include the dumbest startups, funny facts, who am I? as well as other formats like the comes flat with other YouTubers like Rewinside, ShuffleLP and Benlaxer. The channel has posted over a thousand videos up till now with more than 160 million views.

98. Makoccino: 1.7 Million Subscribers


Makoccino is a German YouTube star born in Saint Petersburg. She is famous for DIY videos in association with Lauren Riihimaki on “Clay Fruit Balls” and “Phone Dust Plug”. The channel has more than 320 videos and over 1.5 million subscribers worldwide. Her videos have been watched a total of 110 million times making her quite famous in Germany and other parts of the world. Her estimated net worth in 2019 ranges from $100,000 to $1 million.

99. Feuerwehrmann Sam: 1.7 Million Subscribers

Feuerwehrmann Sam is the Animation YouTube channel of Firefighter Same. This is the animation released since 1987, and has 11 seasons.

100. bastelmitpapier: 1.7 Million Subscribers

bastelmitpapier is an paper folding and origami YouTube channel. The most popular video is the one teaching "how to make a cute Bunny with a towel and paper," which has been watched over 34 million times.