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Launcher offers influencers numerous opportunities to collaborate with businesses. SocialBook Launcher helps small brands and micro-influencers pair and start conversations. It's time to use it to earn more money!
How dose it work?

Many influencers have achieved great business collaborations on Product Launcher, and you can too!

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Why Socialbook Product Launcher

  • Free to use

    Product Launcher is completely free for influencers to use. You just need to register a SocialBook platform account, link your social media accounts, and you can immediately apply for various collaboration tasks.

  • Diverse Collaboration Tasks

    Brands on Product Launcher come from various industries, covering fields including beauty, fashion, live-streaming services so on and forth. Numerous types of products and tasks give influencers a lot of choice.This number and variety are continuously expanding.

  • Ease of use and user-Generated content

    Experience quick submission and clear process tracking. Simply monitor your messages and, upon agreement, you might use creator-generated content on your landing page, emails, or other marketing channels.

  • Enhanced safety

    Secure your collaborations by signing contracts and conducting transactions through our platform.

How SocialBook Launcher works

  • Apply Tasks

    Our platform offers dozens to hundreds of collaboration tasks, including beauty, home, technology, electronics, and more.

  • Wait For The Brand’s Approval

    Initiate proactive communication with brands to negotiate collaboration details and showcase your strengths. This approach makes it easier to achieve successful collaborations.

  • Drive Collaboration Forward

    Communicate with the brand about collaboration details, sign agreements, complete content publishing, and proceed with transaction payments. SocialBook protects the rights of influencers, and your collaborations will be completed on Product Launcher throughout the entire process, including signing, communication, transactions etc.

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More choices with SocialBook

More choices with SocialBook

SocialBook stands as a premier Influencer Marketing Software, bridging the gap between influencers and brands. With the assistance of SocialBook Platinum, brands can effortlessly identify the best influencers, streamline their campaign processes, and boost sales. Our extensive database offers access to over 16 million influencers, including a diverse range of influential personalities tailored to various niches and industries.

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What Influencers are saying

This tool has been incredibly useful for me as a content creator. It's helped me generate a wide variety of content efficiently and effectively. I've received numerous orders for collaborations, ranging from editing video to social media posts, and this tool has made it so easy to meet those demands. Its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities have saved me so much time and effort. I'm truly grateful for its existence!
I'm amazed by this platform! Business offers are updated quickly, helping me seize new opportunities. Customer service is excellent, always responsive and helpful. I love email notifications—they keep me informed about relevant offers, making it easy to secure projects fast. Thanks to this platform, I've grown my business faster than ever. Highly recommended!
I must commend this platform for its outstanding performance. The response speed is remarkable—brands promptly address any inquiries or concerns. The campaign process is clear and easy to follow, ensuring a seamless experience. I'm particularly impressed by the efficiency demonstrated by the brands. Overall, this platform has significantly enhanced my productivity and effectiveness as a freelancer. Highly recommended for reliable offers!

Do you have more questions?

Where can I find the tasks, and how to filter items/tasks?
Log in to your SocialBook account, click "Get Brand Offers" on the left, and then click "Brand Offers" to see all public tasks. Click the picture of a certain task to see the detailed information, such as task highlights, product brief, estimated compensation, etc.
How should I apply for a task?
There is a "Click to apply" button below each task. Click this blue button to apply to collaborate with this brand/item.
How do I check the application results?
Click "Get Brand Offers" on the left, and then click "My Offers" to see your application status. You can click the bubble icon located at the bottom of each task to get in touch with the brand at any time.