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Small brands don't have the budget to work with big influencers and have no experience with influencer marketing.
SocialBook Launcher helps small brands and micro-influencers pair and start conversations.
It's time to grow with SocialBook Product Launcher.

How does it work?

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Case Study - Fashion Women's Clothing
Western Women's Fashion Clothing Capture Core Users with Beautiful Pictures
The response speed of our target influencers is quite fast. We're now overwhelmed with shipping and reviewing candidates.
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Why SocialBook Product Launcher

  • Affordable price

    Enjoy affordable pricing designed for small brands. Save thousands compared to expensive agencies by using our platform for superior results. Choose between flat fee or Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) options, both negotiable. Typically, it takes about 4 hours to find matching influencers.

  • 100% application rate

    Launching your product with SocialBook Product Launcher costs only $28. We currently boast a 100% application rate. You're welcome to enter the system and try it out for free.

  • 180,000 verified micro influencer networks and database

    SocialBook is the ultimate platform for brands looking to grow their business. We host a network of over 180,000 micro-influencers. Our time-saving tools make it easy to search, contact, and collaborate with influencers.

  • Ease of use and user-Generated content

    Experience quick submission and clear process tracking. Simply monitor your messages and, upon agreement, you might use creator-generated content on your landing page, emails, or other marketing channels. There's also the potential to receive continuous content for your social media profiles, or to enhance your ads with these materials.

  • Enhanced safety

    Secure your collaborations by signing contracts and conducting transactions through our platform. Build trust through influencers who genuinely interact with their audience.

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SocialBook Influencer Management Platform Showing Advanced Search to Find the Best Influencers

Why would small brands work with micro influencers?

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Micro-influencers often have fewer followers than macro or mega influencers, usually leading to more affordable collaboration costs. This makes them a cost-effective choice for small brands with tighter budgets.

  • Authenticity

    These influencers tend to have more engaged and niche audiences. Their followers often trust their recommendations, viewing them as genuine and relatable.

  • Targeted Audiences

    Micro-influencers typically focus on specific niches, allowing small brands to effectively target particular demographics or interest groups.

  • Higher Engagement Rates

    They generally boast higher engagement rates than their counterparts with larger followings. Their involved and interested audience means a higher likelihood of active engagement with the content, increasing brand visibility.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility

    Micro-influencers are usually more open and approachable for small brands. They tend to be flexible in negotiations and partnership terms, facilitating the establishment of influencer marketing campaigns for small businesses.

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How SocialBook Launcher works

  • Set up a SocialBook account and post your products.

    Sign up for a free SocialBook account and post your products with just a few clicks. Provide details about your brand, products, desired types of influencers, expected tasks, and budget. Then, just sit back and monitor your messages while we take care of the rest.

  • Finding matching influencers to collaborate

    With over 180,000 micro-influencers using SocialBook, we have extensive data on their performance and interests. Our system will match your brand with relevant micro-influencers from our database and introduce your brand to them.

  • Influencers like your brand

    If influencers are drawn to your products and feel your brand aligns with their style, they will apply to collaborate. You'll receive a list of interested influencers, complete with data to help you assess their compatibility and performance before committing to a campaign.

  • Approve influencers that fit you

    Communicate directly with influencers through our platform to inquire about their interests or negotiate terms. If there's mutual interest, you’ve got a match! From there, you can take over to discuss further details like product shipping and more.

  • Influencer marketing management

    Manage your campaigns efficiently with statuses like 'Approved', 'Ship Product', 'Launch Post', and 'Completed'. Our dedicated inbox system facilitates smooth communication between brands and influencers, ensuring the success of your campaign.

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More choices with SocialBook

More choices with SocialBook

SocialBook stands as a premier Influencer Marketing Software, bridging the gap between influencers and brands.

With the assistance of SocialBook Platinum, brands can effortlessly identify the best influencers, streamline their campaign processes, and boost sales.

Our extensive database offers access to over 200 million+ influencers, .including a diverse range of influential personalities tailored to various niches and industries.

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What our customers are saying

Time is money, especially for a small business. Thanks to SocialBook Product Launcher, we saw quick and reliable matching. Lots of influencers like our products and send us messages to collaborate. The speed we saw results exceeded our expectations.
Marketing Manager
As a startup, budget constraints are always a concern. SocialBook Product Launcher not only understood our financial limitations but also helped us find influencers willing to work within our budget. The results were fantastic, proving that effective influencer marketing doesn't have to break the bank. Thank you to for leveling the playing field for small businesses like ours.
Sales Associate
We encountered a few questions during our campaign, and the customer support team at SocialBook Product Launcher was incredibly responsive. Their commitment to helping us navigate any challenges demonstrated a genuine interest in our success.

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