Welcome to use our products! Before use, please read the following instructions carefully to ensure that you can use and enjoy our services correctly.
1. Product pricing and valid period:The unit price of the product is $28, and the valid period is one month after the approval.

2. Renewal and repurchase:- After the product valid period expires, you can choose to renew or repurchase the publishing service.

3. Communicate with Internet celebrities:Please be friendly and respectful when communicating with Internet celebrities.If we receive multiple complaints from internet celebrities, we will take down your product and will not refund.

4. Product content restrictions:The products you post must not contain pornography, violence, gambling, political tendencies, or counterfeit goods.If the product you publish contains the above content, our review will not pass and no refund will be given.
5. Product modification restrictions:
You need to confirm your release information, including cooperation price, cooperation form, etc., before submitting the product. Once submitted, it cannot be modified.If your product needs to be modified due to special reasons, please contact socialbookproduct on WeChat for application. Only after the reason application is approved can the modification be made. Please note that one product can only be modified once.
6. Report Internet celebrity's bad behavior:- If you encounter any bad behavior from internet celebrities during use, please contact ussupport@socialbook.io reported.
7. Product release operation:- If your product passes the review, you need to open the corresponding product in the Waves Out to Sea interfaceThe public button allows influencers to view and apply for your cooperation.

Thank you for your cooperation and use! If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us support@socialbook.io .