When Influencers Meet Blockchain: The Influencer Economy

by Wenxin Ye

Influencer marketing was a buzzword for 2016 and blockchain was the buzzword for 2017. Today, in the year 2018, what if influencer marketing meets blockchain?

After influencer marketing dominated the digital marketing conversation in 2016, marketers started boosting their influencer marketing budgets in 2017. Many new platforms and helpful analytic tools popped up as Influencers became a new subdivision of the marketing industry. Even smaller influencers started posting sponsored content featuring a wide variety of consumer goods.

If you used the internet at all within 2017, then you know that everyone was talking about blockchain and BitCoin. The price of BitCoin increased from $5,000 to $16,000 during the final months of 2017. As cryptocurrency news began to overflow the internet, influencers began to get in on the action, as well. YouTubers, who began integrating cryptocurrency news into their feed, were able to witness their channels dramatically increase in growth over the period of just a few months!

Boostinsider realized this trend and felt the need to combined blockchain technology with influencer marketing. Thus, BOOSTO has created an entirely new era of influencer economy.

So, what is blockchain? According to acclaimed cryptocurrency author Dr. Julian Hosp, blockchain technology is a decentralized community’s complete and unchangeable transaction history that everyone who is part of the community agrees. This technology allows everyone in the community to gain proper rewards for their work, without needing an “authority” to pick and choose who receives the rewards.

BOOSTO deploys Smart Contracts on the blockchain that will protect the monetary share of influencers and secure deals for advertisers. These smart contracts will be completely transparent in the blockchain community and will be witnessed by the influencer’s followers.

This will eventually allow influencers to reveal the true value of their IPs by publishing their own coins on BOOSTO. Their followers who purchase these coins will be able to use this currency to purchase goods & services provided by the influencer: For example, a five-minute consulting phone call from their favorite fashion vlogger!

Let’s welcome the new era of influencer economy!


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