When Logan Paul publishes a new video, usually the video will automatically gain tons of traffic without any efforts. But he must have worked a lot to reach this point. And just like many of you guys, we worked with lots of content creators and found that coming up with the most effective title and descriptions, as well as the proper tags, etc. We all know that creating content is not an easy job, so we created a chrome extension that could help you manage your channel.

With only a few simple steps, you will be able to get the most useful tool to perform YouTube SEO.


1. Add to Chrome:

Here is the link to the Chrome extension


Click “Add to Chrome”

3. Installation is done!

4. Log in to your YouTube account

5. Click on YouTube Studio(Beta) under your profile image.

6. Click Videos under your main menu bar on the left.

7. Click any video to see SocialBook recommended tags

SocialBook.io is an influencer discovery tool where you can find your influencers by using keywords and see their channel performance, engagement rate, past brand mentions, and audience demographics.
Here is a link to the sample profile: https://socialbook.io/blog/sample-youtube-influencer-profile/