Top 10 Tech Influencers in UK

Top 10 Tech Influencers in UK [2019]

Looking for UK tech influencers to shoutout for your tech products? Here are the top 10 YouTube influencers who are experts on tech reviews, unboxing and news. Why hire influencers? Why include influencer marketing to your marketing plan? And why you should run influencer marketing campaigns for your business. Here are some top benefits of […]

Top 10 Tech Influencers You Should be Following

1. Unbox Therapy – the Top 1 Tech Influencer Worldwide Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel based in Canada and was created by Lewis George Hilsenteger. Lewis is a video producer, host, and internet personality that posts technology review videos on the newest smartphones, gadgets, and unknown technology. He started the channel in December 2010 […]

Before & After The YouTube Purge: Tech Channels

On December 14th, 2018 YouTube deleted every account that they deemed “spam.” This was done to combat fake users, and inflated subscriber numbers. This table shows the subscriber counts of the Top 100 “Technology” channels before and after the December 14th, YouTube Purge.