Do You Want To Be A Content Creator? Here's How To Grow Your Following And Make Money As An Influencer

Do You Want To Be A Content Creator? Here's How To Grow Your Following And Make Money As An Influencer

Social media has become more than just a life-sharing platform. Instead, if you know how to manage your social media accounts well, it may bring you perks such as brand offers and commissions.

So, how can you become an influencer and earn commissions? SocialBook gives you the answer.

  1. Create Social Media Account
  2. Integrate Your Social Links
  3. Get Brand Deals Actively

Step 1: create your social accounts

Regular update on your social media is a must before you're recognized as an influencer. Moreover, the higher number of views, likes, and comments your accounts gain, the more business potential you have.

No matter you're on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram. It's always an efficient way to improve your performance data by optimizing the visual presentation of the content. There are three tools that SocialBook provides to help.

PhotoStudio: create gorgeous thumbnails

A well-made thumbnail helps increase the views of your YouTube channel. A well-designed thumbnail gives information about your content and attracts viewers to click on your videos.

SocialBook's PhotoStudio can help you create beautiful thumbnails. There are many good-looking templates in PhotoStudio for you to use. Follow the guide to make eye-catching thumbnails!

Background remover: change video backgrounds

In addition to the thumbnails, the visual effect of the video is also very important. A beautiful and interesting background can attract more viewers to watch the video.

SocialBook's Video Background Remover helps you replace the video background with just one click. It can change the video background to a color background, a custom picture background or a video background. It has a powerful function of one-click background removal, which can be easily used by non-professionals.

Pandora AI: create unique avatars

In cyberspace, your profile picture is the first impression you make on your viewers, so don't miss this small detail. You can use the following three tools to make unique and eye-catching avatars for yourself.

The three tools are:

  • Pandora Avatar - It makes mind-blowing AI avatars based on your appearance.
  • Me-taverse - It converts your photos into anime.
  • Cartoonizer  -  It helps turn your photos into cartoon art.

For mobile users, you can also download the Pandora AI app to get full access to all the tools above!

In addition to visual optimization, it is very important to learn how to drive traffic from other platforms. If you operate multiple social media accounts at the same time, it is very necessary to integrate your socials into one link. This can effectively attract followers cross-platform, so as to achieve the result of fan growth.

LinkOne is THE ultimate link-in-bio tool that you can use to link your social media, you can even feature your latest videos or posts there to attract potential followers.

Beyond that, for micro influencers who have a business mind, LinkOne can be a mini store to monetize your following. Every sale via LinkOne generates commissions for you automatically.

The most direct way is to sell Affiliate Merch. You can choose and add products directly on LinkOne, share your LinkOne link and encourage your followers to buy merch from here.

Another smart part is that LinkOne's Affiliate Post feature automatically detects the products in your social media feed and creates an exclusive link. Together, this will integrate your social media and products to sell, making it a more organic way to earn money.

With just one link in bio, your LinkOne mini-shop can be accessed everywhere. There will be a commission for every sale you make via LinkOne. You can also click here to get more operation instructions.

Step 3: Get brand offers actively

Smart influencers don't wait for brands to contact them. Instead, they reach out to brands actively to get more deals.

Small influencers have a big stage

Maybe as a micro influencer, there are no big brands to cooperate with you, but you can also get gifted or paid by working with niche brands. The Launcher Free Exchange is a platform for brands and influencers to communicate and cooperate.

For influencers, applying for cooperation tasks is very simple - just look at the promotion tasks released by the brand in the system, and combine product information, requirements for influencers, budget, etc. to find suitable products for cooperation.

Let brands know you're open to collaborations

If you're ready to take some serious brand deals, fill out The Brand Collaboration Form on SocialBook.

This form includes information such as your rates, preferred products, types of promotion and so on. It speaks for yourself and brands can have a well-rounded understanding before working with you based on it.

Final words

There are many suggestions listed above to increase fans and earn commissions, but to realize these suggestions, you only need to register a SocialBook account. Sign up for an account now!

Believe that if you keep doing these actions, you will be able to expand your fan base and natural sales will happen. Good luck!

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