Influencer Marketing vs Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads vs. Influencer Marketing, Which is Better for Your Brand?

When deciding what approach to prioritize in the marketing plan of your business, it may seem like a no brainer to put most of your budget into Facebook Ads. After all, Facebook has almost 2.5 billion monthly active users, compared to the top influencer marketing platform Instagram, which has 1 billion, and YouTube has 1.9 […]

Top 30 Pet Influencers

Top 30 Pet Influencers: Most Popular Animals on Social Media

On social media, photos and videos of pets are always getting many likes and views. Pet has been one of the most popular trends on social media since its birth. So who are the top pet influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok? What makes each of them outstanding? Which brands have they worked […]

top 10 beauty influencers worldwide

Top 10 Beauty YouTubers You Should Know in 2020

1. Jeffree Star Jeffree Star is an entrepreneur, make-up artist, singer and songwriter. At first, he utilized MySpace as a stage to advance his melodies and in 2009, the arrival of his collection cleared his approach to acclaim. In the wake of seeking after his energy in music for certain years, and furthermore vocalizing it […]

Top 7 Beauty Brands Created by Celebrities, Makeup Artists & Influencers

The beauty industry is not just run by big companies nowadays, YouTube and Instagram beauty influencers are creating their brands and boosting brands their own social media channels. For this list, we’ve selected some of the top beauty brands created by celebrities, makeup artists, and influencers. Check it out! In the age of social media, […]

Top 10 Tech Influencers in UK

Top 10 Tech Influencers in UK [2019]

Looking for UK tech influencers to shoutout for your tech products? Here are the top 10 YouTube influencers who are experts on tech reviews, unboxing and news. Why hire influencers? Why include influencer marketing to your marketing plan? And why you should run influencer marketing campaigns for your business. Here are some top benefits of […]

how much money brands are spending on the wrong influencers

How Much Money Brands are Spending on the Wrong Influencers

We’ve all observed the insights of the triumphs of influencer advertising. The ongoing Influencer Marketing Hub State of Influencer Marketing 2019 survey found that organizations got a normal earned media estimation of $5.20 per dollar they spend on influencer showcasing. In any case, that is only a normal. Not all organizations prevail with their influencer […]

How to find the right Twitch Streamers

How to Find the Right Twitch Streamers for Your Business

If you’re selling something that targets a young demographic, then Twitch might be a useful part of your marketing mix. This is certainly is so if you target young males who love gaming. However, if you do decide to get involved with Twitch influencer marketing, it’s essential that you pick the right streamers for your […]

Top 10 Tech Influencers You Should be Following

1. Unbox Therapy – the Top 1 Tech Influencer Worldwide Unbox Therapy is a YouTube channel based in Canada and was created by Lewis George Hilsenteger. Lewis is a video producer, host, and internet personality that posts technology review videos on the newest smartphones, gadgets, and unknown technology. He started the channel in December 2010 […]

7 Reasons to Launch Influencer Marketing Campaign on Twitch

When you think about planning your next influencer campaign, streaming platform Twitch may not be the first to come to mind. You may have a murky awareness of Twitch as a somewhat alternative platform inhabited mostly by gamers. To you, the word streamer — the name for Twitch influencers — usually means paper party decorations. […]

Top Health & Wellness YouTubers You Should Follow

Fashion, latest trends, latest gadgets, these are just a few of the topics you can find on YouTube. I am wondering, there are lots of top influencers and YouTubers out there, if we are concerned on which clothes to wear for the next day, which updates we should pursue for our gadgets to benefit, we might […]

5 Tips for a More Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Talking about influencer marketing, the Kardashian family, and the beauty influencer on Instagram might be the first impression jumping into your mind. However, the influencer network is far more complicated than that. Other than beauty influencers we’ve seen all the time, there are a lot of influencers from various categories. Instagram influencer Leighton, like many micro-influencers, only […]

Top 10 Instagram Post in July 2019

It’s time to recheck the rankings! Based on the records of previous rankings, the champion is usually between one of the Kardashians and a picture of a celebrity with a funny face. Kylie Jenner will often have a place in the top 10 posts, she is both a celebrity and a diligent blogger, supplying her […]

Top 10 YouTube Videos in 2019 July

As TV becoming less popular among the public, more and more users start to prefer online video platforms than television. Among them, YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the global that its services cover 95% of global internet users. Currently, YouTube has more than 1.8 billion monthly users who usually spends 21 […]

How to Build Great Relationships with Influencers

Honest and passionate influencers—the kind that you as a marketer aspire to work with—have genuine and respectful connections to their audiences. Unfortunately, it happens all too often that unscrupulous marketers and content creators succumb to the lure of the almighty dollar and end up engaging in the kinds of unlawful manipulations that threaten to make […]

6 Things To Do Before Contacting Influencers

When you’re in the planning stages of an influencer marketing campaign, choosing your social partners may be the first thing on your mind. And with good reason. Influencers are definitely the most exciting and engaging part of any influencer marketing campaign, however, to give yourself the highest possibility of success with your campaign, there are […]

How to Start Your 1st Influencer Marketing Campaign

Although many of our blog readers will be familiar with influencer marketing, we know that some of you are just embarking on the influencer marketing journey. Perhaps you’ve heard others refer to the power of influencer marketing, or you’ve read about the industry’s incredible success rate. Don’t worry if you are an influencer marketing newbie. […]

Top 5 Industries that Benefit from Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Almost any industry could profit from a well-targeted influencer marketing campaign, but there are certain industries that seem to be tailor made—among them, fashion (pun intended)—for the Influencer marketing medium. While it is very likely that the influencer marketing portion of your campaign will steadily become the most important focus, no matter the industry, at […]

Secrets of 8 Top Influencers in Their Industries

To give you an idea of what it takes to be a top influencer with a loyal and engaged audience, we’ve assembled a list of the most popular influencers in eight categories. Something these phenoms have in common is that they are all doing the one thing that no one else on earth can do—they […]

Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Posts in June 2019

It’s time to check out Instagram again. As summer is coming your way, the Instagram community also starts to heat up! No wonder the amount of posts in summer is actually significantly higher than those in winter according to statistics from relevant agencies on Instagram. This June is still ruled by celebrities from the beauty […]

10 Most Viewed YouTube Video in 2019 June

As TV becoming less popular among the public, more and more users start to prefer online video platforms than television. Among them, YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms in the global that its services cover 95% of global internet users. Currently, YouTube has more than 1.8 billion monthly users who usually spends 21 […]

5 Newest Trends of Influencer Marketing Industry

1. Influencer marketing will have a place in the marketing industry and become more and more influential in the future. Influencer marketing has survived the test of the market that the average return of media value per each dollar spent is $5.20 and the growth of the influencer marketing reaches as high as 4.6 billion in 2018 […]

Are Micro Influencer Worth It?

The short answer is, Yes. In fact, in the world of influencers, the hierarchy exists. There are bloggers in specific niche segment, as well as the most popular public stars that influence many in a snap. When choosing influencers, mature brands will not blindly pick from the top influencers and get whoever has the most followers. For […]

Top 10 Most Liked Instagram Posts in May 2019

Hey guys, It’s time to check it out. Who are the popular queens and kings of Instagram in 2019 May? Let’s take a look at ‘Instagram’s Top 10’ and see if there are any posts you liked. Top 1 🏆:Selena Gomez – 11,728,622👍   Congratulations to Selena! The May champion, Selena, who didn’t post much […]

New YouTube Record Holder. Who Else Tops YouTube Charts?

YouTube recently hit the news because South Korean group BTS has broken YouTube’s record for the most views in 24 hours. They are just the latest YouTube record holder, however. Since 2005, there have been numerous videos top a range of YouTube charts. Now, many readers may never have heard of BTS. However, their new […]

How to Select the Best Influencers for Your Goals

The key to any successful influencer marketing campaign is to select the best possible influencers for your goals. Sure, you may have budget limitations, but it is highly probable that an ultra-expensive celebrity influencer is not the best choice for your campaign, anyway. The data in the SocialBook influencer profiles can give you a wealth […]

12 Ways Businesses Successfully Use Live Streaming

Video is rapidly becoming the most alluring feature on many social networks. Most social platforms have simplified the process needed to upload and use video on their sites and apps. Quite a few have gone one stage further and added live streaming capabilities. As a result, many businesses are now successfully using live streaming as […]

Top 8 Easy Tips to Becoming a Ridiculously Great Influencer

Out there in social media land there is an abundance of talented creators with loads of charisma and expertise. But what is that secret sauce that catapults a social maven from the dreaded 30 likes threshold? Oddly, part of the answer to rescuing yourself from influencer limbo is to worry far less about your number […]

Who are the Influencers and How do they Operate?

Our first article in this series provided a Quick Guide for You to Start Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign. But there are a few fundamental questions you need to ask before you start any influencer marketing campaign. In particular, what makes somebody an influencer? Who are the influencers, and how do they operate? In the […]

Top 3 Tips on Nailing Your Next Influencer Marketing Campaign

On the surface, it may look as if you’ve planned your influencer marketing campaign perfectly, meticulously covering all of the bases. You’ve chosen influencers in your niche with a ton of reach and beautiful Instagram feeds, but for some reason, you still aren’t getting the hoped-for results from your influencer marketing efforts. We all know […]

[Free eBook] A Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide to Influencer Marketing

Although many of our blog readers will be familiar with influencer marketing, we know that some of you are just embarking on the influencer marketing journey. Perhaps you’ve heard others refer to the power of influencer marketing, or you’ve read about the industry’s incredible success rate. Don’t worry if you are an influencer marketing newbie. […]

What EA Gets by Paying Ninja $1 Million to Play Their Game

Any regular gamer will immediately recognize the name, Ninja. Tyler Blevins has made quite a name for himself as a gaming influencer on both Twitch and YouTube. EA clearly identifies Ninja’s appeal and recently offered him $1 million to play their new game, Apex Legends, for a day livestreaming his progress. He was also required […]

YouTuber Abused Her Children for Their Fantastic Adventures

Most of the articles we write here give positive views of people who use YouTube, and we highlight some of the fantastic videos that people upload every day. Many businesses have built excellent relationships with YouTubers, and there are now many successful, motivated and trustworthy influencers on the platform. However, as with everywhere, there are […]

Top 8 Family Influencers You Should Collaborate with

The “family business” just got a major overhaul. According to Time Magazine, viewing of family vlogs on YouTube increased an astonishing 90% between 2016 and 2017. The rise of the influencer family and the spectacle of their usually wholesome and often entertaining YouTube vlogs is a phenomenon that only promises to pick up more steam […]

Vile comments from YouTube

YouTube’s Efforts to Keep Kids Safe Not So Good for Creators

You’ve possibly heard rumors about the bizarre bird-type creature Momo who has apparently frightened kids and encouraged them to commit suicide. Some people claimed that Momo was edited into YouTube episodes of toddler’s favorite, Peppa Pig, scaring the youngsters and their moms. Although there is little proof to thee claims, this has once again placed […]

influencer at point of digital sales

How to Maximize Your Influencer Campaign ROI at the End of Campaign

As an influencer marketer you may spend anywhere from 5K to over 100K on an influencer marketing campaign. You’re paying for quality content—influencers tend to be top-notch photographers and videographers who produce beautiful and compelling work—so naturally you want to get as much mileage as possible out of your investment. Since content that has been […]

How to Track Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns to Yield the Best ROI

So you’re all set to launch your influencer marketing campaign. You’ve carefully chosen influencers for your marketing campaigns —preferably with the help of a convenient influencer-vetting tool like—who have an instinctual knack for organically integrating sponsored content into their posts, and whom you trust to create content that authentically conveys your brand message. In […]

Most subscribed youtubers

The Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Existence – Updated

Few month ago on October 2, 2018, digital trends posted an article called “The Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Existence ” listed 5 most subscribed YouTube channels on the whole planet, and we read through it, found that this information is already outdated. Here we are, rewriting this most subscribed YouTub channels in existence with […]

Pewdiepie vs. Tseries how the battle begin

PewDiePie vs. TSeries

PewDiePie is used to the spoils of success on YouTube. Sure, he’s had a few misfires over the last few years, but his channel has managed to hold the coveted Number.1 spot as the most popular channel on the streaming media platform for nearly half a decade now. It’s looking increasingly likely that this situation […]

Ryan's toy review popular posts

The 20 Raising Popular YouTube Channels To Check Out Now

1.5 billion users, or roughly one third of people on the internet, visit YouTube each day. This translates to hundreds of millions of views per hour. YouTube looms large in today’s entertainment landscape with top content creators who have audiences that easily rival the size of those for traditional television and cable channels. What channels […]

What is Influencer? The Fundamentals of Social Fame

When the average person is asked to name an influencer, they are most likely to suggest some well-known celebrity. To many people, influence equates with celebrity status. But, does it really? Would you take the word of Justin Bieber, if you wanted to buy a house in your local neighborhood? Do you respect R Kelly […]

Would You Let Your Kids Become Influencers?

In 2018, the highest paid social media influencer No.1 was Ryan Toys Reviews valuing at 22 million US dollars. Do you remember when it was every kid’s dream to be a firefighter or veterinarian? Indeed the bolder ones amongst us wanted to be astronauts and explore the stars. Little girls (and aspiring Billy Elliot’s) yearned to be […]

Peddlers of Controversy Pay Influencers for Endorsement

Influencer marketing has proved to be highly effective for a wide range of goods and services. There are even influencers who specialize in B2B promotion, traditionally a hard sell through social channels. One recent trend, though, is for sellers of controversial products to use influencer marketing in an attempt to increase their sales. This has […]

How to Use Instagram Highlights to Engage Consumers and Elevate Your Brand

Whether you are a marketing manager for your product or you are branding for yourself, Instagram Stories Highlights is an incredibly valuable tool that should be in your influencer marketing arsenal. Instagram Highlights, just over a year old, grew out of the Stories Archive feature—also rolled out in 2017—that allows you to archive your Instagram […]

Here Is What the 2018 Influencer Marketing Stats Tells You About 2019 Influencer Marketing Trend

Although there was a burst of influencer marketing statistics made available in 2017, there were fewer new figures released last year. This may have contributed to predictions of doom and gloom for the industry. Yet, recently released statistics provide a better indication of the industry’s performance. In early 2019, it is clear that influencer marketing […]

Here Are the Latest YouTube Influencer Marketing Trend in 2019

YouTube is among the savviest social media platform choices for your influencer marketing campaign since it’s an option that works well at every stage of the marketing funnel, influencing audiences from awareness to conversion, transforming them from potential customers to customers, and evangelists. YouTube has a large audience, reaching an impressive 81.2 percent of U.S. internet users across […]

The Art of the Feud: How Influencer Conflicts Can Increase Your Brand’s Popularity

“There is no such thing as bad publicity.” Even with the case of Fyre Festival. The shrewd application of this idea can go a long way towards propelling your product or service into the spotlight, with the help of influencer marketing with your influencer-partners representing your brand. The influencer feud, otherwise know as a “beef,” […]

Here is What the Fyre Festival Did For Influencer Marketing

The epic fail that was the Fyre Festival is renowned for being an undisputed disaster in every respect except but one—the extraordinary success of the influencer marketing campaign that promoted it. Much of the talk post fallout has been about the power of influencer marketing and the dangers of using this formidable tool irresponsibly. But was […]

Top Lessons Learned From Three Influencer Marketing Misfires

Influencer marketing campaigns are a vital component of any marketing strategy today. A report by consulting firm Tomoson reveals that influencer campaigns produce an average return of $6.50 for every dollar spent. But what about those campaigns that somehow go off the rails, damaging a brand’s reputation while providing less than stellar returns? What can such a mishap […]

How to Calculate Audience Demographics of Any Instagram Channel—In Details!

If you are running an influencer marketing campaign on your own, when choosing an Instagrammer to promote your product on Instagram as part of your influencer marketing campaign, you should always have a measuring metric in mind, which are influencer’s audience demographics of his or her channel. You can ignore this article if you are […]

Sample Instagram Influencer profile

In 2018, influencer marketing was reported as the most effective marketing method, it has yield influencer marketers a $6 ROI per every $1 spent.  More marketers are saying that they will at least try to implement some influencer marketing in their 2019 marketing plans.  Some of the most popular influencer marketing platforms are Instagram and YouTube. […]