6 Best Tools to Remove Background from Image Online

6 Best Tools to Remove Background from Image Online

Do you know the secret used by leading marketers to attract potential customers with advertising boards and banners? It’s the image background that makes specific characters more prominent and catches viewers’ attention.

The same rule applies to our lives where the quality of images is judged by their backgrounds. I’m sure you don’t like blurred, distorted, irrelevant, and unwanted backgrounds in your Facebook cover or profile picture. Fortunately, plenty of photo background remover tools are available online to edit photos and make images look more attractive and engaging.

In this article, we’ll present the 6 best tools to remove background from image online to help you make the better choice. Let’s dive in!

1. SocialBook Photo Background Remover

SocialBook photo background remover

The leading tool in our list is SocialBook Photo Background Remover, which is currently the best online tool in terms of features, ease of use, and reliability. SocialBook Photo Background Remover simplifies the background removal process and gives premium-quality output with just one click.


Given below are a few features that make SocialBook Photo Background Remover the best tool to remove background from image online:

1. A web-based application that removes the image background online. There is no need to download or install the application on your device.

2. Its cutting-edge features automatically detect the human or objects from an image and remove the background in seconds with just one click.

3. With a user-friendly and intuitive interface, even beginners can become experts in removing background from images

4. SocialBook is powered with advanced AI technology that allows users to perfectly handle even hair and other difficult conditions like curved edges or minor details.

5. With this 100% free tool, you can change or remove background from image without paying anything and download the output file with no watermark.

How to Use?

1. Open socialbook.io in your web browser and select “Photo Background Remover” under the “Free Tools” section.

2. Upload your image with a human or object of no more than 20MB in size

3. Once the image has been uploaded successfully, tap “Remover Person/Object Background,” enter the captcha, and click “Confirm

enter the captcha to remove photo background

4. Wait for a few seconds until the tool removes the background from your image

5. Lastly, download the beautiful image without a background or click "Quick Edit" to erase the photo or change the background.

remove bg from image and download it

2. Adobe Express Background Remover

Adobe photo background remover

Adobe Express Background Remover is another free tool to remove background from image online. You can also add new backgrounds, visual elements, illustrations, or graphics to your photos with Adobe Express.


Adobe Express allows its users to:

1. Create a transparent background and place new images with different designs and destinations

2. Remove background from image instantly in three simple and easy steps

3. Access advanced design tools and photo editing capabilities to apply filters, add a shape crop or add a GIF to create a compelling image

4. Share their images across different social networking platforms

5. Use over 100,000 templates and assets


· A powerful image editor with more than 20,000 font styles

· Highly versatile and offers a forever free basic plan


· The free plan has limited features

· Poor image rendering quality

3. HitPaw Online Background Remover

Hitpaw Online Background Remover

Like Adobe Express, HitPaw is also a 100% free web-based image background remover with advanced features. You can remove background from image or change the image background while keeping the original quality intact with this free tool.


HitPaw has the following features:

1. Multiple options to remove background images such as color filling, matte filling, Gaussian blur mode, or smooth filling

2. Instantly retouch images by removing unwanted elements

3. Improve the image quality with texture repair or edge filling


· 100% free, no registration or credit card requires

· Easy to use, ideal for beginners


· Doesn’t support batch image processing

· The free plan doesn’t offer advanced functionalities.

4. Removal.ai


If you are looking for more than just an image background remover, Removal.ai is for you. This AI-powered and fully customizable tool allows users to create transparent image backgrounds instantly in minutes.


Removal.ai comes with the following features:

1. Creates high-quality images with transparent backgrounds and smooth cutout edges in 3 seconds

2. Advanced AI technology to perfect handle hair or any other fur edges

3. Can process more than 1,000 images and apply different actions in a single upload

4. Automatically detects humans or subjects

5. GDPR-compliant file storage and API integration


· Gives smooth and accurate cut-out edges

· API integration and bulk edit


· Not suitable for beginners

· Limited image adjustment options in the free plan

5. Remove.bg

remove bg

Remove.bg is a fully automated, 100% free, and easy-to-use tool to remove background from image online. Its advanced AI technology allows users to slash their editing time and make transparent image backgrounds in just 5 seconds.


Given below are a few features of Remove.bg:

1. A range of APIs, tools, and plugins to ensure digital efficiency in the workflow

2. Removes the image background without manually separating the background and foreground layers

3. AI-powered photo editing tools with fully customizable capabilities


· Accurately detects the primary subject in the picture

· Very fast, efficient, and reliable


· Can process small-sized files only

· Limitations in color adjustment

6. Fotor

Fotor photo background remover

Fotor is a free & automatic AI-powered background removal solution for any image. Doesn’t matter whether you are a professional photographer or a beginner, Fotor has a wide range of tools that can help you create perfect pictures with impressive backgrounds. From photo editing to NFT creation and collage making to background removal, Fotor can meet all your needs.


Fotor offers powerful features such as:

1. Detects objects automatically and removes background in a smooth cutout way

Can handle minor details like animal fur, human hair, or complex edges with ease

Cross-platform functionality works across multiple operating systems and devices


· Easy to use and great design and collage tools

· Fast and efficient, offers numerous filters


· Not suitable for drawings

· Lacks the autosave functionality


When it comes to photo editing, the first thing that comes to a professional photographer’s mind is to adjust the image background. While there are multiple free tools available to remove background from image online, SocialBook Photo Background Remover beats them all.

SocialBook Photo Background Remover is powered by cutting-edge AI technology that makes photo editing as simple and convenient as you like.

Try SocialBook Photo Background Remover today and become a professional photo editing expert!

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