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SocialBook stands out as the premier influencer marketing platform, developed by a dynamic team comprising entrepreneurs, influencers, engineers, marketing managers, and Big Data experts.

The outstanding results have consistently motivated the SocialBook team to expand and enhance the platform with cutting-edge features. Supported by a robust team of over 50 professionals spanning Asia and the US, SocialBook ensures rapid and effective customer support.

SocialBook is also venture-backed by some of the most recognizable names in the investing arena. The team also considers the influencers in their database and the clients who need them part of their family as well.Whether you’re an influencer looking for a database to showcase your services or a company looking to begin a campaign with a qualified influencer, SocialBook is the exact influencer marketing platform you’re looking for.

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The results have been incredible that continue to inspire the core team behind SocialBook to grow further and add top features to their influencer marketing software. With a support team of over 20 in Asia and US, they’re able to quickly address.



Boostinsider was an extremely valuable partner and their services helped grow our influencer marketing program thanks to their diverse network of influencers and celebrities.


We noticed an increase in sales by 20% at Jollychic as a result of Boostinsider’s great work.. The overall process was great and they were an awesome company to work with!


All of our campaigns exceeded our expectations and we’ ve integrated Boostinsider into our long-term user acquisition strategy.

Successful CAMPAIGNS




Finding the right influencers for marketing and advertising on YouTube, Instagram and Twitch should be simple! Don’t hire influencers that have no influence, use SocialBook.

You want to use influencers to grow your brand, but you’re afraid you’ll spend money hiring influencers that get no results. You’ll end up blowing your marketing budget and failed campaigns when you hire the wrong influencers. The worst is if they have fake followers or use bots.

We’re hacking business growth for businesses by helping them find and hire the best Twitch, Instagram and YouTube influencers for their brand marketing. We’ve built the SocialBook platform based on experience running influencer campaigns for ourselves and clients. Our extensive technology background combined with our influencer marketing management experience has allowed us to raise venture capital to build the leading solution, without restrictions for companies to find the best influencers for their marketing campaigns.

With SocialBook’s Instagram, YouTube and Twitch analytics and advertising support, you’ll increase revenue, brand awareness, downloads, users, engagement, and results while investing less time finding the right influencers and hiring them at the best rates.

Don’t worry about hiring unverified influencers ever again, where you could lose countless hours and money. With SocialBook, you can quickly find the right influencer marketing and advertising options in a sea of over 2 million+ choices. Instead of hiring influencers with no influence, we will help you move fast to grow your market share with verified influencers who get results. Let us help you avoid influencers trying to fool you with fake followers, who will make you lose market share to your competitors. Track flat rate and performance-based campaign results all within our powerful YouTube and Instagram analytics platform. Save time, save money, and grow your brand, with SocialBook influencer marketing.